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When it comes to the holidays, there’s nothing I believe in more than this: If you’re going to give a gift, make it matter. Gifts should inspire and give someone an experience…whether it be a non-monetary gift or a purchased present that continues to give well after it’s been unwrapped. I was once given a gift when I was little that helped me begin my journey as an artist, long before I even knew I was on that journey.

HP has been an incredible partner this holiday season, challenging me to
#ReinventGiving. I spent some time thinking about a gift I could give back to the
community in a creative way naturally! Something that may seem small, but has the
possibility to touch someone beyond the moment of giving. After some research, I found out that the Children’s Museum of the Arts in New York City brings in visiting artists to do workshops for their Inclusive Art Program comprising of children with special needs or disabilities. Most of the children need 1:1 assistance. Art is such a powerful tool, and to share my visions with these children and hope to inspire their imaginations felt like the perfect way to spend a Sunday.

I worked with HP’s new Spectre x360 to come up with workshop ideas… something
simple, as the children had very limited mobility, but something imaginative and fun. I landed somewhere in outer space and had them create things or creatures that would float in space! They all begin with the same shape (a circle) so that we could see each individual imagination at play. What I loved most about working with these children is that I didn’t see any of them worrying or looking to see what the other children were doing. They were simply focused on bringing what was in their minds to life.

I painted backdrops filled with stars that I then scanned into the Spectre x360. I added some details with the device’s on-screen inking capabilities (like shooting stars, etc!). These were the constellations that the kid’s creatures would live in. Once the children finished their ‘space things’ we photographed them one by one to create a stop motion (which the kids were well versed in!). We ran out of time during the workshop, but I worked to create an animated stop-motion for them in post on the device. Moving each creation bit by bit until it was a looping video.

It was one small workshop, but I can only hope that the time we spent making art
together inspired these children in some way! Thanks HP for inspiring me to do this!