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My summers spent studying and drawing the human figure at Interlochen were some of the best summers I’ve had in my life. I remember those summers surrounded by an incredible assortment of artists who lived and breathed the world of fine arts, music, and dance. It was another world tucked in the woods of northwestern Michigan between two lakes.

So many years have past since I’ve done much figure drawing, which is why I decided to try sketch night at the Society of Illustrators.

Spending an evening sketching models dressed in Natori hosted by the wonderful Bil Donovan, reminded me of my summers at Interlochen. The room was filled with this great passionate energy and incredible talent in every direction. It was fun to loosen up my stiffened drawing hand to capture fashion from a different perspective…

Here are my sketches from the night of 2 min, 5 min, 7 min, and 10 min drawings.

SOI_1_Post SOI_3_Post SOI_4_Post SOI_6_PostSOI_13 SOI_7_Post SOI_8_Post SOI_10_Post SOI_11_Post SOI_12_Post SOI_13_Post