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Some time ago, I was introduced to an incredible artist by the name of Andy Espinoza. He works mainly with oils and charcoal, and creates breathtaking portraits and nudes. His romantic hand beautifully captures emotion within his portraiture… which take his work to another level. It’s incredible when you look into the eyes of a drawing and feel something beyond the two dimensional world before you.


Andy and I spoke about collaborating over the summer and we’ve finally made it happen. He sent me one of his charcoal portraits, which I then painted over with gouache. I’m usually not that intimidated to start a painting, but with a fear of ruining his work… this one made me nervous! I think the result is so special though… two different artists, minds, thoughts, mediums, processes, together on one page.


Her eyes tell it all.

Portrait by Andy Espinoza  (Charcoal) | Mask, Earrings, Lips, and Cheeks by Katie Rodgers (Gouache and sequins)

Last night I attended a beautiful performance by the Boston Ballet. If you haven’t been to the Boston Opera House, you must go.

Ballet has always fascinated me (even beyond my failed attempt as a little girl). It’s one of the most beautiful artistic uses of the human body… but I think what draws me in even more are the costumes. As a little girl, I was pretty disappointed that my first ballet class didn’t directly involve wearing a glittery tutu and pointe shoes. That crushed my dreams right there… I was set on being a prima ballerina right away! Maybe that’s why it didn’t quite work out between us.

I figure the only way we can work out is if I sketch them; and one day I’m going to convince them to let me sketch backstage.


There’s nothing more glamorous than a romantically dressed woman stepping out of classy ride…

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the motor city of Detroit with Buick. They asked me to create a pinboard of how I envisioned the interior of their new Encore to look- so of course I obliged. I immediately imagined a luxurious mix of black, white, red, metallic and shimmer…an almost over the top interior, but still quite elegant and classic. Something you’d take to a fancy event in the fall. Head over to my board to see what mood I came up with… and if you like it, hit the like button and let them know! If my board moves forward, Buick may just bring my vision to life at the NYC Auto Show in 2013! Wouldn’t that be a dream…!

Post sponsored by Buick.


Hope you’re all having a great Friday! I’m taking a short drive down to Cape Cod this morning to see an exhibit on one of my favorite artists, Normal Rockwell. If you know his work, it’s probably pretty obvious why I like him. He was a genius at capturing personality and character… something which completely inspires me in my own work.

I’ll be posting pics here while I’m checking it out!

*Quick  illustration I did of a Jil Sander cardigan.