Scents are full of such beauty. They can transport you to special moments in your life, remind you of someone dear, and they can illuminate your presence when you walk into a room. The power of fragrance fascinates me!


Whenever I’m sketching around the idea of a scent, I spritz some around my workspace and try to encapsulate that scent within my artwork. Capturing elegance, strength, and femininity with each brushstroke. Just as Armani  portrays through its scent…

In collaboration with Giorgio Armani Beauty. #SaySì


    I recently spent the day with bespoke fine jeweler, Gemvara. I invited them into my home, and along to experience my favorite Manhattan haunts. From the Upper East Side and Central Park, to one of my favorite places to pick out embellishments for my artwork.

 Of course they brought along some of their sparkling gems, and I went to town with them! I created a custom fashion illustration overflowing with precious gems; in a similar fashion to their process.


Gemvara creates each and every piece to order so the jewelry is unique, special, and all your own. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent building my custom dream jewels on their site… I’m especially obsessed with their D’Orsay Collection! Here’s a statement ring I customized for myself. The green amethyst is stunning in person.



We spent quite a lot of time talking about color, and how I’m inspired by it endlessly. Color has always been a huge influence in my work, ever since a teacher struck a chord with his explanation of color; He told me to look beyond the surface color. To look and see if I could pick out any other colors within that main hue. Seeing blue in red, seeing greens in someone’s skin tone, seeing orange within grey.

That idea has always stuck with me, which perhaps is one of the reasons I find gems to be so beautiful. I love the way a gem, like the green amethyst, can have hints of other colors within it… or look completely different in various lighting, or against different clothing colors. It’s fascinating! The green amethyst has a calmness to its light appearance that is soothing to the eye. The idea of birthstones is also fascinating to me. I believe that our birthdate has a significant impact on our personalities, so it’s fun to think of a stone capturing that within a color.

Beyond color, I love that gems are from the earth. If you follow me here, you probably know how much I love being connected to nature. It’s wonderful to look down at my hand and see a sparkling piece of the earth.


Having a story behind my jewelry has always been important to me, so creating my own custom Gemvara pieces makes my jewels that much more special. They are pieces I will cherish for my entire life! #LiveInColor

Take a look at my Gemvara collection!

Post in collaboration with Gemvara.



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