As the New Year begins, it’s time to refresh things in my studio. When inspiration strikes, one must be prepared!

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As we celebrate the holidays, many of my close friends and I end up parting ways for the Christmas holiday to travel home to our families in other parts of the world – being that we are not native New Yorkers. However, more often than not, we make it a point to return to New York to celebrate the New Year together and enjoy the last bit of this wonderful time of year.

It’s champagne season (which in fact is all year long) and I plan to spend my New Year’s Eve with close friends cheers’ing 2014 to the stars! Celebrating the wonderful moments in our lives and not yet allowing ourselves to dream into 2015. Cherishing the present.


This year, I plan to not only spread cheer through the clinking of champagne, but also wearing a sparkling cheers on my wrist… a gift to myself from PANDORA. A reminder of not only the memories and cheers that were made in 2014, but those that have been made over a lifetime. Because in fact, those moments are what make life so wonderful.



Illustrations created from PANDORA necklace chains and charms. #PANDORAstyle



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