The gorgeous and always well dressed Blair.

If you guys follow me here, you KNOW that lately I’ve got a thing for making tiny paper cut outs. Blair happens to be one of those, and here she is hangin out on my wall.


Whenever I go to NYC, I make it a point to find cool things to bring home. This time I visited one of my favorite shops, The Future Perfect. That store is a box of awesome.

I’ve seen these heart utensils before, but never in person- and WOW. Let’s just say, I have no intention of using them. I’m in love with the packaging and the colors (can you tell they’re right up my alley?)… I’m trying to find a cool way to display them on my wall- because they are so worthy!


My friend Tasha is taking a portrait of me this week, and I’m so excited to get creative with her! I’ve been looking through my pins for images to inspire us, and found these gems. They are the perfect combo of funky & pretty… plus I love that type layout on Charlotte Free!

//image 1//image 2


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