Meet Diana! (pronounced dee anna)

I met Diana last year through work, and unfortunately had to say goodbye last week as she moved back to her home in Barcelona, Spain. Diana is an apparel designer with amazing taste (her apartment was gorgeous!). Check out those awesome patterned pants, and vintage Coach classic leather duffel!

She was my neighbor and frequent coffee buddy at Crema Cafe… definitely miss her… I’ll just have to pay her a visit in sunny Barcelona sometime!


Believe it or not, I’m not the biggest DIY person around… but lately I’ve been wanting things for my apartment that are much too pricey, but happen to be very DIY-able.

I died over this rug when I saw it a few weeks ago! As you know, I’m a neon fanatic, so obviously I had to find a way to make it happen (it’s originally over $400). Sure enough, I found a cheap and easy way to make this rug possible…!

I used a Crate and Barrel striped runner, and simply painted both ending white stripes with neon acrylic (durable and wash proof) with a normal large brush. I used flouro pink and flouro red for the stripes. No need to use water with these, especially since you want a nice solid coating.

Wouldn’t this be rad for pillows too? Definitely makes a huge impact.

Not my usual illustration, but it certainly adds to my creative environment…!!! I’d love to see photos if you guys make it too.


Nixon/ Kate Spade

When it comes to accessories, I like to keep things pretty simple.  A great bag, colorful scarf, or a statement necklace usually does the trick. However, my main staple accessory is a watch (not that I’m ever on time anywhere).

I love how simple these two watches are! They’ve got just the right amount of statement to them. Plus, you know I can’t resist a neon pink pop… and that Kate Spade does it right.  I’m also a huge sucker for some rose gold.

What’s your staple accessory?


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