It’s safe to say I’m a chair fanatic- and who isn’t a fan of the Eames?

I have this vision of moving into a real place (not that my place isn’t real… but you know. a REAL home) and having lots of different classic designs around one simple dining table. Like a mix n match type deal. I just think it would look eclectic and charming all at once.

What’s your dream piece of furniture? I could go on for days about mine… but for now, I’ll stick to paper form.


I was playing with  neon glitter over the weekend, and somehow ended up with this pattern.  I try to create something every week that’s random, and totally free. No pressure, just whatever happens. Do you guys ever do that? It’s so refreshing!


I think this is a new favorite of mine. I’m mixing things up a bit by trying new mediums. The black and white stripes are actually washi tape... Cool right? I love how bold it looks against the illustration. I also used neon highlighter pencils to outline the painting.

Remember when I illustrated this one from the same spread? It’s definitely one of my favorite editorials of all time. There’s just that little something to it that I can’t get enough of…plus Jessica Stam has the face of a doll.

Print now available for purchase here.


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