Here she is! My first Paper Friend.

Paper Friends is a new post I want to share with you guys. Each week I’ll introduce one of my real life friends to you… and tell you a litttttle bit about them. I figured since they are pretty cool (and eclectic), they’d make for some interesting subjects. Plus, there’s somethin about illustrating someone you know so well that makes for an interesting drawing.

This is, you guessed it, Melissa (Meli for short!), one of my closest friends. Meli is a visual merchandise designer for Estée Lauder in NYC. All those makeup displays you see on counters in the stores, yup, she designs those. Pretty cool if you ask me. Once she dressed up as a giant Estée Lauder night cream.

I have my fair share of lipsticks thanks to this lady… and I’m obsessed with her Anthropologie floral embroidered shorts!

So what do you think? Do you want to meet more of my friends?!


I haven’t done an illustration like this in a while (kind of reminds me of her)… but after seeing this photo of Lindsey Wixson, I suddenly got the urge! You really can’t go wrong with a Tim Walker image. Lovin her ruby red dress, and those nude pumps paired with sheer knee highs. Plus, that hair is killer. Right?

I’m always in awe of how much magic is in Tim’s photos.

Original available for purchase here.


The gorgeous and always well dressed Blair.

If you guys follow me here, you KNOW that lately I’ve got a thing for making tiny paper cut outs. Blair happens to be one of those, and here she is hangin out on my wall.



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