Music has always been one of my main sources of inspiration. It always seems to do the trick when I need a little help awakening the imaginations inside my mind.

Once a week I will share 10 of my current favorites with you. Or you can dive into my full (always updated) playlists here!


A world filled with the charm, wonder, and imagination of fashion and dance, welcome to the new Paper Fashion!

I worked with my wonderful friends at Logic + Grace to give my world a fresh look for a new chapter. Take a look around… I’d love to hear what you think.

At last, you can shop for prints and phone cases directly on my website! I’ve also curated a shop-able Artist Box filled with my favorite art supplies, fashion illustration books, and lots of other artsy things. I’ll be updating this each month with current favorites and resources. 

I hope to bring moments of mysterious beauty to your lives through my paintings, along with many more #ShadowDancers! Thank you so much for following along… 




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