Earlier this summer, I was lucky to find some time to travel through Europe for a few weeks. Beginning in Spain, then Italy, over to Croatia, and eventually ending up in Zurich, Switzerland. It was my first time in Switzerland, a place I’ve wanted to visit forever! Must’ve been all the tales of cows, watches, dadaism, cheese, and of course chocolate I’d heard ;)!

After flying from Florence to Frankfurt, Germany for a night, I took the early morning train straight to Zurich. Over the four hour ride, the windows displayed a beautiful shifting German to Swiss countryside view. Trains really are my favorite way to travel…there’s something great about the sounds while you’re staring at the passing scenery as the classic uniformed train attendant paces the aisle punching each passenger’s ticket. Also, unsurprisingly, the coffee is much better on Swiss trains than the US trains!

My first day in Zurich, I spent exploring the newer more modern parts of the city. Wandering through a beautiful market, and stopping in to see the Freitag shop constructed of stacked shipping containers (if you climb the stairs to the top there’s a nice view on the roof!). The area just around the Freitas shop was filled with lots of cool shops and outdoor bars.

The modern areas of cities are nice, but rarely what I come to see, especially in a place filled with history like Switzerland. The second day I spent exploring the old town in Zurich, which was straight out of a storybook. My kind of town. One charming building after another placed neatly next to each other, painted in beautiful color combinations and accented with contrasting wooden shutters. You must go see for yourself!

I wish I had had more time to spend in the old town of Zurich. It was spotlessly clean (as the majority of Zurich was) and full of a Disney-like charm. Old ringing clock towers, bridges over the swan-filled Limmat river that runs through the center of Zurich, the scent of Sprungli’s chocolate and fresh cheese fondue make the city effortlessly magical. On that note, I had an amazing cheese fondue experience at Swiss Chuchi.

On an overcast afternoon, I took the Swiss metro train (the best way to travel in Switzerland) up to Uetliberg, Zurich’s local mountain. Once you arrive, you walk a short uphill hike to the peak of the mountain. At the top, you can then climb the antenna tower for a view that makes the many flights of stairs and 2 euro fee well worth it! A 360º view of Zurich with the Alps in the distance.

Arriving back in downtown Zurich, I went to dinner at the first vegetarian restaurant in Europe (which is quite famous in Switzerland). The Haus Hiltl convinced my carnivorous self to enjoy everything set in front of me. Definitely worth a visit!

Zurich, Part II tomorrow! #PaperTravels

My trip was sponsored by the Tourism Board of Zurich. All opinions and views are my own, as always!*



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