The second part (PART I here) of my trip to Zurich was so refreshing after spending a few days running around the city center. We packed our bags and headed out for some nature. Although, this nature was really just within the city itself…

We took a short boat ride (maybe 15-20 minutes) from the city across Lake Zurich to a little campground called Fischer’s Fritz. We arrived in the late afternoon and the campground was glowing with golden light. Fischer’s Fritz was an eclectic mix of traditional camping tents, RV’s and yurts. It was our last night in Zurich, so we booked a group of beautiful yurts – my first time staying in one and I loved it! I remember sitting on the bed sketching while the golden light and tree shadows played on the canvas around me. Magical! It was such a peaceful place to be, right on the water with a sunset view just in front of us.

Inside the tent, I took some time to paint with my Winsor & Newton field box set (comes with me everywhere!). Then got crafty with a Swiss Army Knife I picked up along the way. I created some paper cutouts to play with shadows on the tent by placing them on the outside and photographing them from the inside.

 We spent the evening at the campground and had an amazing dinner outside at the Fischer’s Friz restaurant filled with plenty of wine. Afterward, a few of us took our wine over to the firepit and had some fun well into the next morning. While we sat there, we were visited by a wild hedgehog!

The next morning was rough, but we all headed straight for the airport to part ways. I’ve always loved extra long flights, so I was excited to settle into a seat on Swiss Airways and turn off for the next 8 hours. It was the perfect way to end our time in Switzerland, complete with a beautiful in-flight cheese plate!

I can’t wait to get back to Switzerland… especially to experience the Swiss winter on the Glacier Express! A dream trip.

*My trip was sponsored by the Tourism Board of Zurich. All opinions and views are my own, as always!*


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