It’s incredible how much power a single red rose embodies. Then again, if you look at a rose closely you can see the power within it’s seemingly never ending layers of velvety petals. It’s true, lately I’m completely flower obsessed… but how could I not be?! Flowers are really one of the great wonders of the world!


One of my memories as a kid is walking down Berry Road (named for it’s never ending berry bushes!), where I grew up in Georgia, and seeing wild pink roses everywhere. I can’t imagine having grown up in an urban area. There were always so many quiet days in the South… days to just wander through fields, watch the neighbors horses, or just lay in the sun with my dogs. A simple life. A life where flowers were part of the everyday, especially the butterfly bushes.

Working on this pattern got me yearning to design wallpaper…



Today I’m on my way to Mexico with this lady, so I thought I’d get myself inspired and make a Mexico-inspired pattern. I can’t wait to get there and explore! Some time off (and away from the internet) will be nice too… but you can bet I’ll be posting photos here. Adios!

I just added this pattern as an iphone case + print right over here.