In The Sketchbook

As an artist, I’m constantly thinking about my color palette and how I can reinvent it as my work progresses. I’m most often inspired by color in ways that reflect emotions and moods. A painting’s color palette can completely alter what someone sees and feels when they look at it. HP’s Spectre has inspired me to use my color palette and lines in a much more minimal way. There’s something so incredibly stunning and calm about it’s lines and color palette.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

I’m obsessed with finding ways to use metallics to convey a sense of luxurious calm. A moonlit sky conveyed with midnight neutrals combined with the beauty of a twinkling night of sparkling metallic’s and whites to signify it’s stars. This color palette creates a sense of quiet. A calm, beautiful, night’s sky.


I’ve also begun to think carefully about each line and brushstroke… is each and every line necessary to convey the image? To reinvent something I see through minimal line and color. I’ve become obsessed with minimizing my lines down to the bare minimum. It’s fascinating that often a single line can say so much, isn’t it? Striking and to the point… yet still contains that sense of mysterious luxury.

A Shadow Dancer created with one single line…


Or a single copper-colored gown with a few simple brush strokes…

Check out the making of HP’s minimal beauty here. How will you make every line, and every color count as they have? How will you reinvent your obsession?