Parker Pens Holiday


Parker Pens are undoubtedly classic. A classic brand that has kept it’s beauty and has a history written in the hands of President’s and notable authors alike. You’ve probably come across this famous Parker Pen advertisement by the charming Norman Rockwell- which is personally a favorite of mine!

I’m honored to have been tapped by Parker Pens to create their holiday greeting cards this year!





It’s easy to get caught up in today’s digital world, but I truly believe in the act of sending hand written cards and notes. There is nothing more special than receiving a personalized card with a note during the holidays (or anytime, really!). There is an unspoken charm to handwritten letters that I hope never disappears… I’ve collected letters and cards I’ve received over the years and it’s the most wonderful feeling to discover them all over again. The different papers, designs, handwriting, colored inks; they are full of such personality! Email just doesn’t carrying the same magic…


Leave a comment below about a hand written card moment or memory you have for a chance to win a lovely Parker Pen of your own. I’ll be choosing one winner to receive either the Parker Premier or Parker Sonnet. (please be sure to leave a way for me to contact you if you are chosen.)

Final_Parker_Cards2Happy Holidays! Follow along here as I’ll be taking over the Parker Pen instagram account this week!

This post was made as part of my collaboration with Parker Pens. Parker Pen purchases $75+ will receive a set of our holiday greeting cards at Parker Pen retailers.
  1. Oh, Katie, your handwriting is so beautiful! It goes so well with your style! I love writing cards, but I’ve noticed my handwriting is just not as nice as before… So, one of my goals for 2014 is to practice and maybe take calligraphy lessons! 😉

  2. My mother always sent handwritten Christmas cards throughout my childhood and I have such fond memories of sitting around our dining room table helping her assemble the cards each season. I have carried that tradition into my adult life, and so enjoy the ritual of preparing and sending hardcopy letters to all my friends and family each Christmas.

  3. I absolutely hate email written letters. I feel that anything electronic is the reason why people have such ugly handwriting nowadays. There is no practice. No care.
    I have just about every way to talk to my best friend (email, phone number, skype, etc.). But we skip that stuff. She’s really into the regency (Jane Austin kind of stuff) and she’s sucked me into it!! Point is, we are really into writing letters to each other with all the posh. My best friend is someone I love very much.
    One time I wrote her a letter asking her how she was doing. She had recently lost someone dear to her. She wrote me back saying how much she had appreciated the letter. She said she wrote back with tears in her eyes. She said that everyone had called and texted asking how she was doing. “Don’t get me wrong Mel,”- she said- “I really appreciate the concern they’re showing for me. But it’s like the fast way of doing it. It’s not exactly thought through.” Well, I figured she would like a written letter. And she did. Since then, it has taught me that friends don’t need to be super close. They don’t need to call each other all the time, or text. There are other means of doing it. And a hand written letter was just what she needed at the time.

    1. That is so beautiful- I feel the same way about letters… there is so much more thought and meaning! Taking the time to write one says so much.

  4. Oh i love handwritten notes….
    my grandpa died 13 years ago, and I still have one of his special birthday cards he sent me when I was 8 years old. I´m 27 now and still have it in my special memories box. <3 I loved his cards and especially his handwriting! I miss him… So this is something really special for me and no digital note means so much to me like this postcard! (thank you katie, I´m full of tears right now… in a good way 🙂 )

  5. When I was a child, every time I was celebrating birthday or name-day, my grandma used to give me a hand-written greeting card together with a gift. The thing that made it so special , was the fact that she has been creating poems by herself just for the occasion! Now, when I browse through them, I instantly recall all those carefree, happy moments.

  6. Thank You cards are not big where I live, I feel so envious of people who receive them and even the ones who make them! Text messages and emails are easy and quick but they´re for everyday stuff. I remember receiving my first ever handwritten letter from a pen pal and it was such a thrill. Thenn when it was my turn to write back I remember I looked for ages to get the right paper, the right pen and even practiced over and over again to get the perfect writing. It is one of those things that you didnt want to mess up, there was no delete button, no back key. Great feeling.

  7. Handwritten cards and letters always remind me of my grandmother. Since I was a little girl up until now, she never fails to send me a handwritten note, whether it is a Valentine’s Day card or a Christmas card – I can always count on her. In this increasingly digital society, her handwritten notes are like vintage collectibles. This holiday season, I will be digging through my closets and drawers to collect all of her handwritten pieces in one place! I’d love for the chance to give this Parker Pen to her as a present!

  8. When I was around 6 years old, my grandpa who was from Italy gave me a small Bible. He used his Parker Pen to hand write my name in the cover. I can still see him writing my name. I remember that special moment, and felt so loved.

  9. Hello Katie!

    I have two moments I would like to share with you.
    Both of them are from my childhood!

    The first one happened when I was… about 5 years old. It was August, and by then, I had noticed that my older sister received a lot of snail mail. So, I told her, that I would like to receive mail too!! (Naturally, I was too young and didn’t understand that… well, we need to have a life of our own, to start receiving any kind of mail, I guess…) 🙂
    In the last week of August, I finally received a letter!!! I was soooo happy!!!! The letter was from…. Santa Claus!!! REALLY! 😀
    In that letter (which I still have today!), ‘Santa’ told me of how good child I was! He told me he was very proud of bringing me presents every Christmas and that I should keep up ‘the good work’!! He was going to make sure, that, by that Christmas, I’ll get a good present!!!!!
    (Imagine how I felt, a few years later, when I found out it was my sister who wrote that letter!) 🙂

    The second memory, it’s on of the most precious I have!
    When I finished Primary School, my grandmother gave me a Parker Pen (the only one I have!). She told me it was a present for finishing school with good grades & wanted to give me something really special & expensive!!
    Today, my grandmother is 92 years old and she has Alzheimer’s disease. She doesn’t remember me anymore… not my name, or who I am… She barely speaks & she’s constantly with a serious expression on her face…

    You might not believe this Katie, but, several months ago, I bought ink for my Parker Pen, the same day I went to visit her with my mother, because it was her birthday! I grabbed my Parker Pen and wrote a birthday card for her, to put it on the table next to her bed. My grandmother grabbed my hand and took the pen from me! She looked at the pen, looked at me and simply smiled!!! For the first time in years she smiled! That pen is very precious to me, the same way my grandmother is one of the most important people in my life!

    I don’t know if she remembered my pen or me… and she smiled only for a moment…
    I usually, don’t take that pen from my house!! I’m kinda afraid of losing her!! It’s a constant reminder of hoe special my grandmother is!

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity!
    Both pens are extremely beautiful! I love the finishing touch of Sonnet’s cap!
    But Premier’s lovely too! 🙂

    Good luck to everyone!!!!

    All the best to you!

  10. I’ve discovered fountain pens when I was about 15 years old, and I have ever since loved writing greeting cards with them. I get so obsessed with the quality of my writing though that I usually write on an other piece of paper my message at least 10 times before I actually commit on the actual card. Last year, when I started making my own watercolor cards I went even more insane on the pre-testing level, and I plan on it achieving the same madness this year!

  11. Just me, some cards and a hot coffee. The wind howling around the corner of the house, topped off with that special pleasure of a fountain pen in my hand, just a small moment in my day but one that sticks in my mind.

  12. I send handwritten cards as often as possible. I love receiving them as well! I have a stack of handwritten letters from my Meemaw (she has passed on) and they bring me such joy. When we moved to Miami, she would write me all the time and I miss that so much!

  13. The handwritten card I treasure in my heart is that of my godmother’s husband in occasion of my wedding. She had already passed away and her husband was really old and ill, but he wanted to let me know how much in her life she had loved and cared for me. I still have it in my special folder; It is a white rough card written in black ink with a fountain pen in a shaky handwriting, but it bears a powerful message, so strong to challenge time.

  14. J’éprouve tant de plaisir à écrire au stylo plume que je préfère régler mes achats par chèque plutôt que par Carte Bleue…

  15. I worked for Daniel Parker and learned about them from the master. I collect them and only use a Parker writing instrument. I especially love the pen “DP” hand picked for me. Nothing beats a Parker!

  16. Just last week I came home and found a postcard with the photo of Gustav Klimt’s piece “The Kiss” on my table. My first thought was that it’s so gorgeous and I was sure that someone left it there by mistake. When I turned it over I saw that it’s addressed to me. My sister left me a lovely handwritten note on the back of it… I cherish each beautiful word that she wrote me and the postcard is even more beautiful because she chose it knowing that Gustav Klimt is one of my favorite artists.
    It just proves how the little things mean the most

  17. I am doing hand made cards this year in collaboration with my 4 year old son. I’m amazed by how his unadulterated creativity stimulates my own. I am going to let him write some “words” on the inside next to my message. I’m hoping this will be the start of a new tradition.

    Your cards are absolutely gorgeous.

  18. hi
    i used to gift parker fountain pen to my dear friends.
    it’s always very precious gift.
    and it express good feeling.

  19. My moment was recent, when my daughter (who is 4, and working so hard on writing – what a thing to watch someone learn!) ‘found’ a beautiful blank card in my desk– it had this ethereal print of a fairy-goddess type woman on it… surrounded in flowers, colors, etc. I’m sure I had special plans for this blank card, as I do for all of my extra stashed arts & craft and notecard supplies that I sometimes feel are too pretty to use! 🙂 Anyhow, she pulled out a nice blue Crayola marker, sat on the kitchen floor, and proceeded to ask me letter by letter to help her spell “Dear Noah, I’m sorry I didn’t play with you that day at school. Love, Nora”.
    It was so absolutely sweet to watch her put so much effort into writing this note to this boy at preschool, with her shaky handwriting-in-progress on this gorgeous feminine fairy-goddess card! It’s like she new how something special like that could make someone smile. And I’ll tell you what, that card is so much more a keepsake now than before when it was just a boring empty blank card 🙂

  20. I have always loved “real” mail! I became pen pals with my Grandma as a child. I lived in Michigan and she in Wisconsin. We only saw her about once a year. I loved asking her questions about her childhood and learning more about her. I still have and treasure those letters. 🙂

  21. I always remember the little notes my mom would sneak into my lunches–even in high school. They were a nice little surprise, especially for those especially stressful days.

  22. The most beautiful handwritten note I ever received was the one from my dear friend when my husband and I became engaged many years ago. It was very touching!

  23. The most emotional and personal letter i’ve ever received was 2 years ago now. When i was 15 i travelled to Eastern India to teach in a orphanage school for a few months, there was a small group of people my age and 2 adults with us, Such a major thing for a 15 year old to do, without my family and missing school to teach these children. Next to the orphanage itself was a leprosy colony, they’re banished from society because of there illness and for us to go in and visit was a major thing for them. When we were there me and one of our group sat with them, he played them hallelujah on his ukulele and even now that song makes me so emotional. Anyway around 6 months after we returned home i received a letter, one from a student at the school who also lived in the colony, she spoke about how much she enjoyed us there and all that she’d learnt including how to write in English, she included photos of me and her taken on a small disposable camera and her own Bindi so i could remember her, she was so scared I’d forgotten. She explained how her colony now gathered and sung together because of our visit and that they were receiving more visitors who wanted to help, believing we were the reasons for this.
    I don’t know if any of my team received similar letters but it touched my heart, i still get so emotional when i read it knowing we taught her how to write that letter, the little quirks and drawings included, its a letter I’ll keep for the rest of my life to always remind me that I’ve done something, helped and touched at least one life.

    We still send letters back and forth and that’s the magic of handwritten letters, much more personal than an email.
    Love, Dana @ xxxxxxxx

  24. My grandfather just sent me the sweetest handwritten Christmas card. His hands are shaky, so I know it’s hard for him to write, but it was a very long note, which made it even more special!

  25. I absolutely love the art of writing actual paper cards. I just started writing Holiday cards with my mother, and I love it so much 🙂 Even though I am only 16, I hope I will always remeber these days in the years to come.

  26. Your cards are stunning.

    My mother wrote beautiful, personal missives to so many people. She had MS, and she was a phenomenal mentor to me in many ways. She was somewhat of a perfectionist, and she was talented at so many things: I so wanted her affection and appreciation when I was growing up. I will say that she was not very forthcoming with compliments when we were small. Once, when I was grown, she wrote me a note telling me that “of all her children,” I “had the most integrity!” I can’t tell you how shocked I was that she would write such a thing, as she was not typically demonstrative, and I was deeply moved. Needless to say, I saved that card, and I treasure it to this day, years after she died. I read it sometimes when I feel down and it inspires me to be a better person.

    I’m a watercolorist myself, and for years, I made every single holiday card myself–painted each one for every single person, and even painted on the envelopes. I’ve been told by friends that some saved them all, and some people have told me that they framed them, which of course touched me enormously. I cherish letters and cards and have saved every one I’ve ever received in baskets up in my studio. Sometimes, I take that basket down and read them over again. It’s comforting to me. Last year I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and painting and writing are more difficult for me now, but I’m going to do it as long as I possibly can.

    John Donne once said, “More than kisses, letters mingle souls.” I quite agree. In this day and age, when people take the time to make another human being feel truly special, that’s a priceless thing…

    Congratulations on all the creative, beautiful work you’ve done. You have a unique style and you constantly evolve, which is wonderful. All the best to you.

  27. Katie I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful it would be to own one of these pens! I also do watercolors and have done all of my New Years cards as originals this year to friends and family. It would mean so much to have a beautiful Parker Pen to write my notes of love and gratitude to them! Thank you for all your beautiful creations! – Kimberly

  28. My husband and I handwrite everything to each other except the grocery list (which is on a shared drive). It feels more personal, more romantic, and forces you to take the time to really write what you mean to and not some casual missive that you put no effort into! I’d love one of these pens to up the ante on our marriage!

  29. I would love hand written cards more if they were any bit as beautiful as yours!! I have shoeboxes of all the cards I have been given in my life, I love looking back at them!! No one understands my love of cards though, its a shame. One valentines day, right after a boyfriend had broken up with me, my sister made me a handmade valentines card, complete with Lacey doilies and glitter and hearts galore.I will always remember it because it really brightened a sad valentines for me, and I never thought of valentines as being for anyone you love, not just a significant other.

    Love your work!! Patiently anticipating your new calendar!

  30. I love handwriting cards and letters – I sent a special friend who was going through a tough time a beautiful card for a beautiful soul to just let her know that I was thinking of her. She loved it so much, she photographed and posted it on Facebook. It is just so nice to get snail mail that isn’t a window faced envelope…. 🙂

  31. When I was a child I use to love to color, paint, and write letters to my grandmother who lived out of the country. I could spend hours re-doing my cards just to make sure that my card for my grandmother was just right. As time went on I felt like I had outgrown my arts and crafts time, how foolish of me. I went off to college and just got busy with life. About a year ago I came across your work and became re-inspired. Every piece you put out is just so beautiful. You inspired me to get back to something I enjoyed and had put away for many years. My first handmade holiday card after so many years was for my grandma last December after finding your work. What was such a wonderful surprise was when I went out of the country to visit my grandma a few months ago. I never expected for her to pull out a box with all of my handwritten, painted, and rainbow inspired cards from when I first started sending her letters from when I was 4years old (of course with the help of my mom), to when I stopped sending her letters when I was roughly 19 years old. In the last couple of months of traveling, and reconnecting with relatives it has been so nice to see all of these people who have kept a lot of my handwritten and painted letters I sent over the years.

    Ever since last year I just fell in love all over again with art thanks to your beautiful work you share with all of us. I took a few of your classes on SkillShare on how to work with sequins and to improve my watercolor skills since I was still a bit rusty. Every time I’m going to sit down and work on a card whether its for a birthday, holiday, or just because I was thinking of someone I go to Pinterest, and PaperFashion to get inspired by your colors, and sequins. Thanks for sharing your passion with others and unknowingly inspiring other people.

  32. I’m a writer, so of course I love the written word in card, letter or story form. I wanted to “do good” with my writing (I call it missionary work) so I started writing letters to the troops to encourage and lift their hearts, send motherly hugs by mail and let them know how much we love and thank them for standing in harms way. The emails and letters I received back touched me deeply. Then I decided to start a letter writing ministry to young women who were incarcerated. So Writing Angel (my pen name) received a letter out of the blue from a young woman, desperate to turn her life around. In just three months of heart to heart encouragement, and mentoring by mail, she is reciting her poems to the entire assembly, has been named as a counselor to other women and her life is in bloom, even behind bars. She is counting the time and making good use of time, instead of doing the time. She has three other women writing their stories and we exchange letters as well. This Christmas, I’ve added veterans who are hospitalized to my list. It’s so important that they be acknowledged for all they’ve done.

    The gift of writing, the blessing of writing, the hope of writing….writing a letter sends a piece of our hearts along with the words. Our DNA travels through the mail. Our heartprint and handprint go with our sincerest and heartfelt thoughts to another human being. Words and letters have made such a difference in my life and through letter writing and reaching out to people I don’t know, who may feel forsaken, I feel I’m doing my part to make a tiny ripple in the world and making it a better place. the gift of a handwritten letter or note is priceless.

    Love the writing! Love the writing! Love the writing! <3

  33. A handwritten note that meant so much to me was from my third grade teacher for helping her through out the school year. I’m a “lefty” so learning to write was difficult for me. She helped me everyday when we had time for “cursive”. I would often the one she would call on to “hang our projects on the wall” or “pass out paper to students”. I love to hand write my own notes and have taught our children to do the same. I’m so disappointed in our school systems today who have stopped all practice of cursive to our children. If I had school children I would definitely be teaching them at home.

  34. Katie my husband and I have two teenage kids and we talked along time ago about giving each other gifts and if we want something we just go get it so special days like Christmas and valentines days is a day we give each other hand written cards and letters to tell each other thanks for the nice things the other has done for us through out the year . I only wish I had Your hand writing but a new beautiful pen would really make my letters more elegant thank You

  35. My best friend and I have exchanged handmade cards for christmas and birthdays since we were children. One year, she collaged all of the cards I had given her over the years into a large one for my birthday! It made the card all the more special because I realized that she had kept all of my carefully crafted cards for so many years!

  36. In the days when people choose the easiest path of sending greetings by text (the store bought card is long forgotten) I’ve noticed that they really appreciate a homemade card. For me it’s a cheeper option for a card, but also an opportunity to let my creativity flow. As for the receiver – they feel special with the knowledge that the card was made specially for them.
    As for the pens – fountain pens are classic. There’s something magical in the fact that you have your very own pen just for your own use, which accompanies you for years and years. The way you hold it and the way the ink flows through the tip makes writing even the most boring note a special event.

  37. I always make my own photo Christmas cards every year! And want to start making everyday cards. Everyone loves receiving a pretty card, and handmade just ads that little “extra touch”.

    PS: what a gorgeous handwriting you have!

  38. These cards and pens are just lovely. I think one of my favorite memories, and something I still love to do from time to time, is going through my mom and uncle’s collection of handwritten cards and notes from my grandma. She’s the absolute best Thank You note writer, and always expresses herself in the most thoughtful and beautiful way. Seeing those notes, how beautiful they are despite her difficult life, how eloquent they are despite the fact she never graduated high school, how full of love they are, it reminds me of what a wonderful woman she is. Whenever I write, I keep her notes in mind and try to pour as much love into them as she does. And to think, I wouldn’t have those if she had grown up in the time of email. It’s why I send handwritten cards and notes to friends and family.

    Your work is beautiful as always!

  39. Every card I make or letter I send is handwritten. I cherish hand written notes or letters I receive because the sender took the time to write something authentic and from the heart. Hand written cards and letters seem to be a lost art. One of my heartfelt memories was when my mother died. I felt so lost and all alone in my grief and never thought I’d ever feel whole again. Well family and friends took the time to write and express their condolence, but also to share a fond memory of my mother and how she touched their life. It was those written cards that eased the grief I felt and made me realize even though my mother was gone her memories were still alive by the people that loved her.

  40. Your cards are beautiful! I didn’t appreciate hand written cards until I went away for college; handwritten notes hidden in care packages will uncover any feelings of homesickness you may or may not know you had! Now, I appreciate handwritten cards, so every year I hand write my Christmas cards and slip in a photo card before sending it off (a good combination of tradition and technology).

  41. In the third grade, my first “sweetheart” wrote me a letter with all of the things he thought most wonderful about me on it. He had written very carefully, making sure to spell everything correctly. I remember how special and adored my 9-year old self felt. It is amazing how open and sincere young “love” is.

  42. My Mom and my Grandma are now gone. We were 3 generations of writing cards and letters and now I continue with my nieces the next generation. When I’m missing my Mom and my Grandma I take out the ones I’ve kept and suddenly they’re back with me. I can hear their voices and smell their perfume. I’m a wealthy woman.

  43. There is nothing like a handwritten note. When I was younger, I fell in love with Alice Walker’s novel “The Color Pruple” and I wrote her a note of appreciation. Some weeks later, a small purple envelope arrived in the mail. Inside was a handwritten note from Alice Walker. I have kept it all these years.

  44. I still have all the cards and letters that my husband gave me when we met as teenagers. Some include the sweetest poems he wrote for me. With our lives being so hectic now it is so nice to look back on that time of our lives.

  45. It’s hard to decide the most favorite moment. I think it’s a summation of the times I’ve received a card/letter in the mail for the first time from someone, whether it be from my first pen pal or my friends from college after we’ve graduated. It’s a nice unexpected surprise and it’s nice to see their handwriting as an expression of who they are.

  46. i love sending handwritten notes and cards. i’ve taken to making the cards themselves as well and it’s always fun to create something unique and original for each recipient. i always do it for valentine’s day since i find that most people don’t send snail mail on that day. thanks for the giveaway!

  47. My dear friend Heather always makes handwritten cards. She not only hand writes her ever cheerful messages, but designs and then hand colors the card’s cover. For her birthday last year we went out rock climbing and then painted cups at a local pottery store, and the thank you she sent me was gorgeous! It keeps the memories we made that day fresh in my mind, is always reminding me of how blessed I am to have a friend like her.

  48. What wonderful handwriting, and I do love those cards!

    I was given my first fountain pen around 5 years ago, and I fell in love. It was just so smooth and supple. Now I write around 4-8 pages of A4 per day at school with it, and it still consistently does the job.

    My memory (or memories) are of my grandfather’s writing. Every year, at Christmas he would hand write a letter to me and my brother pretending to be Father Christmas (of course, I only found that out some years ago, as when I was 6 or 7 I would always wait fervently for our letter to come from Santa!)

    Every year he would draw a really detailed picture and a lovely letter underneath, detailing the events in the North Pole from that year. I remember that once the North Pole snapped, elves wrapped all the wrong presents, global warming had melted the North Pole into a little ice cube, and even Rudolph had fallen asleep on Christmas Eve!

    I loved those letters – we have 15 all in all – and I would always remember what had happened in the North Pole that year. He still writes them today for my younger brother, and even though I know it isn’t Santa anymore, the heartwarming letters still have the same effect.

  49. OH WOW!!!! EVERYTHING is SO gorgeous. I love sending out hand written notes too. I especially love to send random notes to friends and clients to let them know that mail boxes aren’t just for bills. Hahahahaa!!! I think it shows people that you care for them and it makes them SMILE. I would just LOVE one of these pens…SO GORGEOUS.


  50. I love sending and receiving handwritten letters and printed photographs to my grandmother who lives in China. When I was a child, especially, seeing the beautifully written Chinese characters on thin paper (even though I couldn’t read most of it), exclaiming with awe over the unique stamps, and smoothing my fingers over the addresses was so memorable. I couldn’t decipher the addresses at all, but I knew that one meant ‘here’ and one meant ‘way over there,’ but seeing those letters, the distance seemed much shorter.

  51. I am just starting on the journey of fountain pens and better writing, and I hope to be able to write cards as lovely as the ones I see in pictures one day!

  52. I’ve always been a stationery and fountain pen enthusiast, and usually paint my own Christmas cards each year to send to friends and family. This year I’m living on the other side of the world to all of the people I love the most, and am starting to feel incredibly homesick, especially around the holidays.

    But just today I started to receive beautiful hand-written cards from friends, telling me they miss me and wishing me happy holidays. That small gesture has brought a happy tear to my eye and I don’t feel nearly so lonely now. I’m so happy that the art of letter and note writing is still alive and well.

  53. Handwritten Letters and cards have been like the perfect way of emoting and sharing the extra stuff for me and my sister.. Obviously we talk to each other but cards have their own charm.. Initially oblivious to this joy, I never tried writing a letter or a card to anyone but one day when I was away from my home studying in a far away city I received not one but three postcards from Copenhagen and Stockholm with very detailed description of my sister’s whereabouts (she was on a vacation with her friends). My sister, being good with writing letters, explained her adventures and her love for postcards in such an interesting way that I had no choice but to fall in love with this concept of communicating. After that day I have received a lot of postcards from her but I was never able to find a card worth sending to her so I started making my own cards (being a product design student, I like making stuff) but I never sent these to her..
    I used to write in these cards about so many things but never sent them because I was shy but I guess now is high time to send these lovelies to where they belong.. I hope she loves them as I love hearing from her through the postcards she sends..

  54. My Father-in-law will only use fountain pens that he made himself. We share a passion for calligraphy and Queens English. My husband and I fell in love through our letters to one another. I thrilled over his vocabulary and knew he was a keeper! His first gift to me was a beautiful stationary and wax seal set. It was a gift meant to reflect how we met through our letters.

  55. When I was a little girl, living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin I had a best friend of whom I had known ever since Kindergarten. Her mother was an artist and was always crafting, drawing, and making anything with paper. When I turned 10 years old, my family decided to move to Minnesota. I was devastated, because I didn’t want to leave my best friend. The day before my family was to move, her family came over to our house and her mother gave me a goodbye present. I opened it and to my surprise was a stationary kit. She had labeled and stamped all the envelopes with their address on it. She told me whenever I missed my best friend I can always write to her. It was our means of communication and kept us in touch. I loved it so much and I remember spending every weekend writing one letter at a time to my best friend. And when it came down to the very last paper and envelope I remembered I cried, because I thought it meant I could never keep in touch with her again. Luckily my mother went and bought me another set of stationary papers, but of course it was not the same. I remembered how exciting it was to come home from school and received a hand written letter. This memory of writing a simple letter meant so much to me, because it was something I cherished so much and sometimes long for.

  56. Hi! The best way to make someone feel special is to give them a handmade card. I absolutely love to make them and have a stock pile of them for when a sudden card-worthy occasion strikes! My favorite recent card moment was when I gave my boss a card for Boss’ Day. She was so appreciative and it was a great way for me to let her know how great she is!

  57. I am so glad to hear that you love and value the distinct personality of hand-written cards and letters. I am taking it upon myself to reinvent and revive this mode of communication in my immediate circle of friends, and I have felt that way for years. We write to each other across the globe, across four continents, and I’m even doing my PhD thesis on letter-writing in poetry. I just wrote out 38 Christmas cards this week for the musicians I sing with at the St. Giles Cathedral choir in Edinburgh Scotland, and I love the flurry of interaction as everyone hand-delivers their Christmas cards to each other. Our Christmas cards have their own display on the large window seat in our kitchen, which makes me gleam with happiness every time I look at them, because it makes me see how much love is being circulated in my life and my immediate social circle. We couldn’t afford international stamps this year, at least not for the 50+ people we wanted to send cards to who live back home in the US, so we had to send some e-Christmas cards with thoughtfully written Christmas greetings, but I feel like I make up for it throughout the rest of the year. Even though I can’t afford a bulk payment for stamps at Christmas, I send letters consistently, many times a week. I would absolutely love a parker pen to continue on with my correspondence, but I hope that whoever wins the pen will enjoy the pleasure of using it to further deepen and develop their personal relationships. Merry Christmas to everyone, and enjoy your letters and cards, and the company of your loved ones, whether in handwriting, or in person.


  58. Parker pens are the most beautiful pens. Back in school, I used to always write with ink pens. I also learnt calligraphy so during holidays and special occasions, I used to give a handmade cards with a message written in calligraphy. Would love love love to win one of these!! Happy Holidays to you! much love from New Zealand x

  59. I am amazed at your glorious work of art I’m only 15 but I desire exactly at what you do I hope to be such an inspiring artist as you are my name is angie from California but I have always been fascinated at fashion, architectural buildings, and interior designs and I hope to accomplish what I desire in life you are such an inspiration

  60. I love writing Christmas cards to my neighbours and for my sons. Every year, my two sons would bring back a whole load of cards from their friends and teachers. We always sit down at the table and sort all the cards out with the recipients’ names on a list. I also have calligraphy fronts printed out for myself and my children to copy in case we forget. It has always been such a fun time because one event I will always remember is the ink marks left on my sons’ little finger tips and the way they try so hard to make the handwriting look neat and beautiful.

    What I noticed was, some parents and neighbours started to write cards back with their own beautiful handwriting styles back. I knew they made extra efforts because the cards we received in previous years was in casual handwriting styles done by random ball pens. Everytime I manage to ”convert” a ”non-believer” I feel so happy and proud!

    I have a neat little pen set with 3 pen nibs for different styles of writing, I also use Parker ink. I wish to have a proper Parker pen to go with the ink, that will make me so happy!

  61. Dear Katie,
    First, I’d just like to say your watercolour, pen & inks are truly beautiful. The gowns & tulle evoke such dreamy thoughts of dancing & swirling in one of them!

    My fondest memory of handwritten notes is from a very special day in my childhood, when my father came home from a recent trip to San Francisco bearing a gift. The package was a set of very delicate Japanese rice paper stationary which came with vertical and horizontal guides that were placed beneath each thin sheet as you wrote so one’s handwriting would be nice and neat. There was also an accompanying pen and matching envelopes with the opening on the vertical end.
    I wasted no time in sending off a handwritten note to my favorite aunt (my father’s eldest sister) who had shared with me her love of a personal handwritten note and would always send one to me in return.
    To this very day I still have one sheet left of that special stationary. I cannot bear to part with it and will always treasure the many wonderful handwritten notes my aunt & I exchanged while she was living.

  62. Hi Katie. Kind of the annoying lurker who never comments but whatever. Your work is delightful and I so admire the cleanliness of your content.
    Handwritten letters are my favorite way to express to someone that I truly care. I’d love to take some formal calligraphy classes.

  63. Just found your delightful site via Pinterest!

    Writing letters…sigh. It’s unfortunate that folks don’t stop and think about what they want to say as they would if they were writing a letter. Instead, we slap our thoughts down all willy-nilly and then wonder why someone gets upset!

    Count me in as the letter-writing friend that everyone thinks something is wrong if I don’t send out hand written notes and original cards!

    However, I have to say that writing with a fountain pen does raise letter writing to an all new level of “ahhhh!”

    I’ll be back to visit! So glad to have found you.

  64. Wishing you a happy new year and to let know that i have referred to you in my latest blog post about glitter/embellishment techniques. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.

  65. My closest friend and I write handwritten letters too eachother each week, despite the fact we speak everyday and live about half an hour away from eachother. We both love writing so we send poetry etc regularly! It’s just a nicer way to speak to someone, in my opinion. Who says a pen-pal needs to live far away!?

  66. When I was 10 my family and I moved to the states. I went to parochial school so I’d known my classmates for years. On my last day of school before moving,they ambushed me on my way home from school hugging,kissing me and crying. They gave me a box full of letters from each student in the class. We were in 4th grade,it was 1978. Today my mom came to visit her grandchildren and she brought me that box. It’s 36 years old. It’s full of letters in kid handwriting,some missed spelled words,eraser marks,and love. One of my treasures.

  67. Something that I cherish and carry with me always in my wallet is a handwritten “to buy” list that my dad gave to me. He passed away in 2010 from multiple myeloma but seeing his handwriting makes me think about him and smile. I love holding on to this handwritten note because it is not a normal note to his daughter, it is silly and a list of things for me to buy (mostly kitchen stuff and 1 item for my mom) 🙂 I love it.

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  69. I always give to my mother and my father postcards written by my hand at their birthdays, Christmas, New Eve. I have this habit since I was 7 years old and since then my mother kept the postcards in a very nice box. She said to me that she will always read the postcards and she and my father wants to receive more postcard from me especially when I will go to University.


  70. I don’t know if this contest is still open but I would like to share a sad story.
    When I was young and studying in high school I owned a Parker fountain pen. It was a Parker Vector, the one that came in all-metal finish so it had a nice weight to it, same way high quality pens do. The special thing about it was not how good it was or how special I felt when using it (I have a thing for pens), that was the first pen that I actually bought for myself. Before then I always used freebie pens that many companies give away or I relied on my parents to provide me with school supplies. That pen helped me through a lot, including my first love letters and important exams.

    Unfortunately there was a lot of outside pressure. People were always telling me how unpractical fountain pens are, how much more difficult it is to write with them. After a few years, I the nib on the pen bent and it became useless. I gave up on buying a new fountain pen because I succumbed to the pressure and also because as a student I could never really afford one that I liked.

    It was one of my favourite pens. I still keep it in a drawer at home.

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