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One of the most important parts of what I do is keeping myself organized. Handling every aspect of business can be daunting if I’m disorganized… from deadlines, meetings, personal projects, keeping track of expenses and taxes… it makes my head spin just thinking about it! Which is why I rely heavily on a handy notebook and pen (as well as iCal) to stay on top of things.

While my Moleskine is ideal for quick dates and notes on the go, I like to have something a bit larger to keep track of projects in detail. I am in love with the Arc notebook system since it’s so customizable… and who doesn’t want their day to day tasks encased in black quilted patent leather? (It would look wonderful with a matching Chanel!)

photo 1photo 2

I’m home for Thanksgiving week in Georgia, so I happily settled myself in for some work at my dad’s vintage roll top desk.

photo 4afterlight-1

Post in collaboration with Staples.
  1. Interesting to see you jotting notes with a fountain pen. What brand is it? Does it allow fast writing? Does the ink bleed through the paper? Wondering if it would be ideal for a college student.

  2. Hello Katie!!!

    Well… I wouldn’t know about the matching Chanel… women purses isn’t exactly my style! 😀
    But the piece is lovely!! I have something quite similar, also bought on Staples!! It a very useful piece, isn’t it???
    (Also I love your fountain pen…) I’m in love with one I found on an antique store which I visit frequently… it’s a Waterman fountain pen from 1923! Oh,,, very expensive, but a lovely pen nevertheless!!!

    Have a great week filling your notebook with fresh ideas!!! :-]


  3. Your handwriting is so beautiful! Wow!

    Recently discovered you and you literally have inspired me to start drawing! Not very good but I’m learning! haha x

  4. Thank you so much for this post! I have been looking for a letter size planner that is convenient and not bulky. Something that is also affordable and I have found it. I will be purchasing one soon. Thank you for sharing.

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