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Shopping for art supplies can easily be just as inspiring as a day spent at a the MET. I could spend hours sifting through an art shop! There’s always something new to be discovered, which in turn, inspires new ideas.

Many years ago, I discovered a beautiful set of glitter… and of course, I knew I needed to incorporate it into my work. Since then, it’s been happily sprinkled over my paintings.

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I sometimes stop in craft stores to wander and search for new ideas as well, which turned me on to crystals and sequins

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You can usually only find a few crystal options in store, so I’ve turned to the web to purchase my supply. Ebay is a treasure trove for all of my favorite art supplies!

Between glitter, crystals, gold foil, and glues, I’ve created a go to list of supplies I love that you can follow here and here.

Wishing you a creative weekend!

These items were curated as part of my collaboration with Ebay. #FollowItFindIt
  1. Hello Katie.

    I’m really enjoying to watch your work evolve into something very special & different every time you make a new blog post!
    Also, I’m happy that you shared a bit more about the materials you use: recently, I decided to have a go with glitter. Since I just wanted to experiment, I decided to buy inexpensive glitter, on an art supple store.
    the glitter ERODED!!!!!! my work! It pretty much dissolved the paper & ruined my watercolor…

    Maybe it happened because it was cheap glitter? Or maybe it was me… 😕
    Anyway, I won’t give up! :-3 And I’ll try again!!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. It’s amazing that the way you use glitters, crystals and sequins add a dreamy touch to your illustrations.
    Always mesmerized by these precious artworks!

  3. What incredible work. Absolutely stunning. I have been surfing the web, looking for inspiration for our upcoming blog, and this has been a huge help. The whole style of your blog is outstanding. Shared across my social media :-).

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