I dispensed a large dab of gouache onto my watercolor paper, then a small dash of another color to create a mix. I was distracted for a minute (was going to spread these colors together to create a background), maybe a phone call, so I mindlessly began dragging my pencil through the colors, slowly swirling them onto each other. Soon enough, I had created a teeny tiny face within this puddle of color! The beginning of the paint puddle faces.


  1. Hi Katie!!
    Great idea!! I’ve done this myself several times: really funny & Gouache has the exact textures, doesn’t it?

    (Psst, psst… I love the masked face you painted).

    Sometimes art accidents are fun…

    Have a great week!!

  2. Where did you purchase your sequences?
    Also, what watercolour paper do you recommend? I am looking for a sketchbook – reading your blog, you have one too.. I also enjoy watercolour – What is the best out there? Something maybe of A4 size, portable but amazing quality..

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