Dancing in her sleep


Seeing the Boston Ballet perform is something that refreshes and inspires me each time I attend. I love how classic it feels… you can easily imagine being there years and years ago, and it looking exactly the same. Like I’ve mentioned many times before, the Boston Opera House is absolutely breathtaking (just check out that ceiling!)… it brings a night at the ballet to a whole new level.  SleepingBeauty_Small

This Friday I’m attending opening night of Sleeping Beauty. When it comes to ballet, I live for the classics. To me, the dancers and what they’re wearing are equally important. Lucky for me, Sleeping Beauty has some incredible costumes.

SleepingBeauty_3_SmallThese sketches are of one of my favorite costumes from the upcoming performance…

  1. Hi Katie!!!
    Long time no posting… 😛

    Like I once told you, my older sister is a ballerina! So, I grow up watching ballet dancers very often and understanding that I don’t know how to dance! XD But I like to watch others dancing!!!

    I like the sketches: they’re lively, elegant .

    Don’t forget to share with us how was it on Friday!!!


  2. Sleeping Beauty is my absolute favorite ballet ever. The scenery, the costumes, and the music is just gorgeous (well I’ve only ever seen classic versions on tape, yes tape.) I danced ballet growing up rather seriously and am rather sad that I never got to dance Sleeping Beauty. You’ll adore it! xo Kristina

  3. One of the things that made me happy about moving to Boston was the chance of attending so many cultural events very often. I can’t wait to see the Sleeping Beauty! I won’t attend opening night like you, but it will be beautiful anyway. 😉

  4. I have to ask a really silly question. I love viewing all your artwork and I know that you work from paper. How do you get your clean white backgrounds without damaging your sketches and paintings when you scan or photograph them?

  5. Hello there! I just wanted to say that I have seen your blog/work for the first time today and I really love your work. As an artist myself, I know how important it is to reach and inspire people through our work and I’m happy to tell you that your illustrations touched and inspired me very much and made me want to do more and more! Thank you!

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