1. I really like the whole new layout and everything , but I really miss the fashion illustrations. They were really beautiful. I don’t know if anyone else agrees…

    1. Don’t worry I’ll be doing more of those… just mixing things up a bit to refresh my creativity! I need little breaks from the norm to inspire new illustrations once in a while. Thanks for your feedback though!

  2. Hey girl! I really like the sepia tone you gave to the pictures you just posted.
    Currently, I’m working on a watercolor piece, and I’m going to apply a bit o coffee! Does this sound strange?

    Just something I’ve been dying to try…


  3. Your latest creative sketches bring to mind Dior (when Dior was alive) and the feel and smell of silk fabrics. Lovely!
    I enjoy having your posts pop into my e-mail box. They always inspire me.

  4. I love how loose these sketches are – so relaxed and gorgeous! I love that you not only show finished and final illustrations but also so many of your sketches! Inspiring as always!

  5. Hello! I’m sort of a huge fan of yours. I bought some of the Aquarelle watercolor paper you suggested in one of your posts, and it is absolutely beautiful. I’m just having some trouble working up my courage to actually USE it now………..
    Pitiful, I know.
    i was wondering if you have aver had this problem and/or you have some sort of way to stop psyching yourself out.

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