Over the weekend, I took a brief trip to the beautiful Catskill Mountains in upstate New York. It was without a doubt one of the most beautiful drives I’ve been on since I’ve lived in the North East.  The windy roads, fresh air, and unexpected roadside waterfalls were enough to awaken anyone’s mind…


There’s something about spending time in nature that always reenergizes my creativity. 

On the drive back to Boston, I took a detour to Stockbridge in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts.  I had been wanting to visit the grounds of Norman Rockwell’s studio for some time now, which is in the heart of Stockbridge.  The museum was filled with hundreds of Norman Rockwell paintings that I had poured my eyes over again and again growing up. I’ve always been so attracted to Norman Rockwell’s story and process… as it’s quite unique. It also brings me back to a part of my ancestry that I’m fascinated with- My Great Grandfather, Ernst Troeger, who used to go on fishing trips with Norman.

After visiting the museum, I took a quick drive down to Main Street in Stockbridge, which was famously immortalized by Norman Rockwell. The street was as charming as his painting described… Even Yankee Candle was housed in a picturesque brick shop. I visited the Williams & Son’s Country Store, which was straight off of a postcard. Stepping inside this shop made me feel as if I had gone back in time. It was filled with an eclectic mix of whimsical and quirky items from the past.

Since I arrived home last night, I’ve been stuck in an enchanted state of mind. This painting is sort of a mix of my entire weekend… the beautiful mystery of nature and whimsy from a past era. It also may have to do with the fact that I’m reading The Night Circus, re-watched Finding Neverland, and finding this tin hot air balloon mobile

2 Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 12.57.55 PM MAGIC

Many of you ask how I stay inspired on a day to day basis… I forever feel that getting out and creating new experiences will inspire you no matter what. Turn off your TV, get outside and look.

I’d love to hear what you do to stay inspired! 

  1. WOW! Love the curtains and then the POP of colors=0)

    I stay inspired by taking a trip to the library once a week and checking out tons of books. I also love looking at my friends photos. They let me see different parts of the world=0)


  2. Hi Katie!
    I guess your right: sometimes, taking the time to go for a walk, is a god way of recovering one’s inspiration!!! In my hometown, since Friday, it’s really cold and rainy (actually were on a Red Alert status… not funny at all…), so, though I LOVE rain and Winter, the truth is that going for a walk is something that only refreshes your body (no pun intended! 😛 ).

    In your painting I see words in the form of color!!! Every inch of color, you painted, translates the mystic side of your travel! 🙂
    I hope every single day (or Sunday) continues to be that colorful. ^.~


  3. You know–the first thing I thought of when I saw these was The Night Circus! How funny that you should mention it at the bottom of your blog post.

    As for staying inspired, I love to look at the sketchbooks of artists (usually through Maria Popova’s website Brainpickings) or on blogs and to read–non-stop. I feel energized when I go through a good read.

  4. Oh, I love to hear that my neck of the woods provided such gorgeous inspiration! The Norman Rockwell Museum is a favorite of mine – you must visit during the summer and fall – the fall is especially breathtaking. Those autumn leaves! SWOON!

    I find just stepping outdoors in the Berkshires during any season provides unmatched inspiration. Something about that crystal clear sky and the big open air and those rolling mountains. Frees the mind!

  5. Interesting… I saw the pictures of your trip on Instagram and it looks ah-Mazing! I do think this piece looks a bit rushed.. That’s just my opinion, though. The colors look a bit muddled in a odd way because you can see all the colors, but it still looks muddled.

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