1. She looked SO beautiful. Her shoulders/arms with that dress was just perfect. It has reminded me to do a bunch of jumping jacks and pushups tomorrow morning;oP

    Wonderful watercolor. I just love how relaxed you paint. It’s always so…wonderful!


  2. I loved the dress and she looked great. You did a great job on the watercolor. I couldn’t help to think about how easy the guys have it. No one wonders who they are wearing.

  3. Hi Katie!
    What I really enjoy on Mrs. Obama is that she doesn’t dress on a very conservative way!
    She has style and quite a personality…

    Personality highlights a person and makes one stand on the crowd, don’t you think?

    (Have a great week!)


  4. I love your drawings! They are beautiful! I really like their style… Always a very interesting posts. I always too read your blog with great joy:) If you get a second, I’d love to hear your thoughts on theme my blog. I wish you all good and I greet:)

  5. Love this. The dress was gorgeous and you capture the spirit so wonderfully in your paintings. I feel like the radio call in “long time listener, first time caller) but I wanted to let you know you helped inspire me to begin practicing in earnest my drawing and painting skills and start a blog, so thank you!

  6. Yor drawing is beautiful! You should consider framing it and sending it to the Obamas, you captured them in such a lovely way. Amazing work.

  7. I was going to suggest you send it to the Obama’s as well. It’s really gorgeous and I’m sure they would think so too! It really captures the magic of the moment

  8. This is so pretty – and I am writing my dissertation at the moment on Michelle and other first ladies so I am going to use this on the cover. Full credit to you! This is amazing. Thank you :).

  9. This painting is wonderful, are you selling prints of this drawing yet? If so, please email me the information if possible as to how to purchase.

    Thank you,

    Conii Overton, Interior Designer
    Design Concepts Interiors

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