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One of my favorite local shops to visit is the Brattle Square Florist in Harvard Square. Flowers are such magnificent creatures… how can you not be inspired by them?

I picked up some roses the other day, and have been working on a few beauty and floral pieces. Watercolor is a gorgeous medium to paint layers and layers of petals…


When I finished this piece, it seemed much too plain and contrived so I went a bit nuts with glitter… It created the perfect combination of control and chaos.


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What’s your favorite flower? I can never seem decide… 

Original painting available here.

  1. Hi Katie!
    Indeed, drawing and painting flowers can – sometimes – be complicated! It really depends of a good color palette and a good study of real flowers and how they’re color changes with light and shadow!

    I really like flowers and plants!
    One of my favorite flowers are Daisy’s! Here, in Portugal, we called them: ‘Margaridas’.
    This might seems naive, but I think Daisy’s are very friendly flowers, don’t you think so? 🙂


  2. This is just SOOOO fabulous! I use to love tulips, but I now adore hydrangeas and roses. I just love how you paint! The glitter is brilliant. I HEART glitter too much…at least that is what people say about me;oP


  3. Wow! This is really pretty… very chic. I love peonies. They’re really white. They look pure. But if you look inside they have streaks and splashes of pink!

  4. Beautiful work! My favorite flower is the Peony. It reminds me of my wedding and I just can’t be angry and look at a Peony. It’s impossible! Ranunculus is a close second though. So girly and fun.

  5. Omg I have to you sell your art?? I am dead serious about this question lol. If so, let me know how to go about purchasing.

    1. Nevermind! I promise I’m not dumb haha but I just realized you have a shop..I seen the picture on my bloglovin feed and went straight to the comments..I apologize!

  6. Hey! Is the original illustration still available to purchase? I would love to buy it! I posted this on pinterest I love it so much lol.

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