Another scene from a recent snow in Boston. This was a shot I took of a vintage Chrysler on a small residential street in Beacon Hill.

The owner somehow stumbled upon my painting- the internet is a cool place, huh? Anyway, apparently it was the car Jessica Tandy drove over the ledge in the very first part of Driving Miss Daisy. It’s amazing when you discover things like this after painting something… artwork is much more interesting with a nice story behind it.

  1. Happy New Year Katie! I finally have a few moments to catch up with my favorite sites and wanted to let you know that your New Years Eve post touched me, as does the new work you are showing. It and you are amazing. I think the new direction suits you and I have no doubt you will learn , grow and course correct as needed. May your 2013 be magical for you!

  2. What a lovely painting! I love these past two ones and the fact that they are sort of an homage to your beautiful town.
    Whit the new year upon us, I am wondering if you have any art related resolutions. Like maybe different projects your like to work on or new techniques to try; maybe doing gallery shows, etc. I just really enjoy reading about other artists’ goals and aspirations for the new year.

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