As you may know, I work out of my home in Harvard Square, so I spend quite a lot of time here. That’s why being organized and having a space I’m happy in is super important.

Recently, I worked with Valspar to pick out some fresh new wall colors. Valspar has an incredible program called the Love Your Color Guarantee, which is a steal for anyone who’s even the least bit hesitant about committing to a new wall color. Paint swatches only give you the slightest hint of how the color is actually going to look on your walls. So if that mustard yellow doesn’t look quite like you had imagined, Valspar will give you a new color of your choice to replace it. Cool, right?

When I first moved into my apartment last year, the walls were painted with some pretty intense colors… colors I probably would not have chosen myself. There was a bright yellow, a brown, and a bright baby blue room. As an illustrator, I find it pretty distracting to be in a space with such intense colors. I need something fresh and clean to think straight.

Choosing colors was quite the process. I usually know exactly what I want, but then when it gets down to the tiniest differences in shades, I get indecisive. I ended up going with Moonbeam, and Du Jour… and they turned beautifully! I love a bright neutral base wall color and adding the color with decor.

I also wanted to add the illustration element to my home, so I did a wall in my bedroom with Valspar chalkboard paint. I was a little worried about having such a dark wall color in my bedroom, but I’m ecstatic with how it turned out! I’m working on a concept for my ‘mural’, which I’ll share with you later on. Here’s a little preview of what I’m thinking… (By the way, ditch the chalk and get ChalkInk. It’s SO much more fun.)

The rooms are still far from being finished… but follow me here to see more photos of the process.

You can also see photos of my workspace here.

Post sponsored by Valspar Paint.


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