Each year around the holidays, I can’t help but think back to the day I ripped through brightly colored paper to reveal my first set of watercolors. I’d been given watercolors before, but only the sort you find in a kindergarten classroom. These however, were the real deal.

Little did I know that that day would lead me to an entire career based on this tiny box of colors.

This year, I want to give that gift to someone else. It inspires me {beyond words} when I get emails from you about how my work has inspired you to pick up your paintbrush again, or even start for the first time. That is one of the best things about what I do… because along the road, there are a handful of people who have inspired me too. Those people make all the difference in the world.

This Christmas I’m giving away the same watercolor set I received years and years ago, as well as my favorite watercolor block paper, a tube of vividly bright pink Mijello Mission Gold Watercolor, and one of my 2013 calendars.

To Win:

Leave a comment here telling me what art means to you. I want to know what inspires you. Bonus points if you tweet me a drawing or painting you’ve done (but not necessary to win).

Contest closes December 31st at noon EST. Winner will be announced January 1, 2013.

  1. Katie, you were a huge inspiration to me to get my fashion illustration and at on the web. I was so afraid of people not responding to my work, but the more I put out on the web, the more confident I feel. Fashion illustration and art to me is an amazing outlet for self expression and I would be lost without it.

  2. Oh this is so awesome! 🙂
    What art means to me? – Art helps me to be myself and I can give my emotions a little space… And when I see your new pieces I´m getting sooooo inspired and really want to try something new all day. 🙂

  3. Art means the world to me. I try to incorporate creativity into some bit of every day. Art allows me to transcend to a different place for a few minutes/hours. I’m inspired by new places, people, animals, nature, colors…just about everything around me. 😉

  4. Katie-I just wrote a blog post today about what art means to me. Creating art is what I called my “living prayer.” It is a way I connect with the divine, and get back to who I really am. I am passionate about creating art and nurturing others to do so as well. In the words of Henry James “I know of no substitute for the force and beauty of its process.”

  5. For me, art is an outlet and expression for a range of emotions…happiness, stress, frustration, love, passion, etc. Art is a release. I’m so very inspired by your work…it pushes me to go further in the things I love to do. Crossing my fingers for this giveaway! 🙂

  6. you´ve been always an inspiration to me. Everytime I see your blog all i want to do is to pick up my tiny watercolor set to start painting.
    What art means to me? Well I think that the only thing i will be able to do when i grow up is ART. Because im always creating things, paiting , drawing, photgraphy and art it´s my way for scaping from reality.With good music my mind blow up to weird places and I create some stuff. I think art is gonna be my future. Now it takes part of almost all my mind.
    P.S.: sorry about my spelling, im not native english speaker.
    Greets from CHILE! <3 <3

  7. Brain is a wonder, art is my air, so does fingers as my sword. Art means world for me. I ain’t an art student, but everything I did for every thought is art. Anne Avantie (one of Indonesian designer) inspires me a lot for fashion design. Futuristic, ethnic, and Indonesian touches inside made her art perfectly. 🙂

  8. I’ve only recently started watercolor because I truly thought I had no artistic ability. My friend BrownPaperBunny encouraged me and I’m so in love with watercolor now. Art gives me peace and I can get lost for hours with how fun it is to mix colors and see what can transform on paper.

  9. To me, Art is essential to enjoying life. I am not a formal artist, or even one with (I think) great talent. However, I love to see and experience art all around me. I have so many artsy hobbies because I love the process of creating art. I believe it adds to one’s excitement about art when they are personally involved. My life has been continually enriched because of art’s influence and I do not think I could live happily without it.

  10. Dear Katie, Your blog has reawakened my fashion illustration dreams from my college days….I am 56, retired from design agency…and now painting and drawing daily. you are so genrous in you “how to’s”. You “skin color” demo is posted on my studio wall…also purchase your pen, paper and mask pen reccomodatons….LOVE your work…the new ballerinas reflect my own passion for painitng them. Just sent you a tewwt of one of my fashion pen/ink draings///will send 2nd of a ballerina in water color/gouche/oil pastel….my latest work. Thanks for considering me in this – Sue.

  11. Art is something that transcends age, race, color, creed, education and class.
    It is universal.
    I opened up an art gallery last year and it has been so important to my soul. To see people of all ages and abilities shine their light and show the world what they’re made of has been humbling and magical.
    I tell everyone I come into contact with that everyone is an artist, some people just haven’t found their medium yet. I truly believe that.
    Art is everywhere, it is a social commentary, it inspires and heals. I would be truly lost without it.
    Merry Christmas x

  12. When I don’t have art in my life, I feel empty. Creating art gets me excited about life. I love looking at finished piece and thinking about how it started out as just a blank page or a blank canvas. It’s like magic!! 🙂

  13. Drawing in particular has always been a huge part of my life. For as long as I can remember I have drawn and re-created things. To say that painting and drawing is my passion would quite honestly be an under-statement. I love how it allows me to create something that is me and only me. It is my expression, my escape. I get my inspiration all over, mainly fashion magazines and photography. At the moment I am enjoying re-creating fashion images with watercolour with different papers.

    To have the career you have built for yourself is my dream and I hope that my drive will make it happen.

  14. Art is my escape! whenever i am hurt or just angry and want to run away i draw and paint and try to illustrate my vision onto the paper. Also, you are a big inspiration to me, at the end of college i was stuck and didnt know what to do with my life and i know i used to always look forward to your blog posts and then one day i thought i can do this, ill try and now its kinda what i do along side my freelance work. I am a wallpaper designer but illustrating people and fashion figures is what genuinely makes me happy and i do feel its because of you! So Thank you so much Katie, dont stop doing what youre doing!! X

  15. Art means everything to me. I love to start by doing some research, getting inspired and then start the real work. Art needs to be present in each & every single day of my life. It definitely makes me feel good & free. Art makes me push myself further at every watercolor painting I create…

  16. Hi Katie!
    I sometimes trick myself into thinking that I can only draw or paint if I have a solid idea, if I know it’s going to be incredible. That stops me from creating at all! But when I force myself to just do it I remember that it’s just fun. I don’t have to impress anyone! There is so much joy in creating and I’m inspired when I see others loving what they do. The passion and skill of other artists is what really pushes me.

  17. Actually, it was you who inspired me to really start learning to draw, and fueled my love of watercolor! I found you online about a year or two ago, and after a lot of work I’ve now moved from Australia to the USA and got into the Masters of Fine Art (Illustration) program at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. I’ve just finished my first semester, and I couldn’t be happier!

    I also try to share my obsession with watercolor as often as possible, hosting ‘Crafternoons’ where I paint, draw and craft with girlfriends (like Dusty who commented above). 😉

    Thank you for being such an inspiration and for the great competition, it’s so lovely to read everyone’s comments!

    This is a BK (Before Katie) pic I drew, compared with one I just finished:

  18. Art is everywhere and I think one of the essential parts of life is to be able to see the art in everything. I love that a beautiful piece of art can invoke such intense emotions.

  19. Katie, this giveaway is spectacular! I never did end up getting the Mijello’s I told you about. Trust me, if I had the cash, I would have bought them AGES ago. Art to me, is everything. Art, beauty, can be found absolutely anywhere. Inspiration can be found everywhere, if your eyes are open to see it. Because of you, as I have told you before, my eyes were finally opened again to my own creativity, and the gift of creativity I believe is sacred. There is nothing comparable in my opinion. Art lets you see, feel things in a different light; a new way of thinking and viewing the world around us. I have been in a bit of a slump the past couple months, my health has taken a downturn. I have all of these items bookmarked, ever since you first shared your favorites with all of us. They have been on my wishlist ever since. Theres something so exciting about new art supplies. Its like Christmas no matter what time of year it is! Or sketching on the first sheet of paper in a new sketchbook? Its always given ne anxiety for some reason. Just like with a new journal. The supplies themselves are what has been inspiring me lately, i just dont have the finances to buy them. This would be the best Christmas present ever to an artist. I would be so proud to use this (very nice) paper. Often, my watercolor paintings bubble and bend because the paper isnt very good. Im proud of what I’ve painted, but embarassed of the paper condition after I am done. If i were to win this, i would cherish it forever, even after the paper has all been used and after years, after the paint is all used up. Ive always wanted good quality art supplies. When i was able to afford it, i had drifted away from art. Now that im back to my old creative self, of course,now i cant. Isnt that how it always goes? Lol. Anyway, this is such a wonderful thing for you to do, and an amazing opportunity for the one who wins it! Best of luck to everyone, but I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed until December 31st!

    <3 Katie

  20. What a lovely giveaway! Art to me is not only self-expression, but time to take my brain off everything else in my life, and just focus on mastering whatever it is I’m trying to create. I’ve also just started purchasing prints and getting them framed, and I know they’ll make me smile every time I see them on the wall! (Really don’t know what took me so long to do this.)

  21. As you’ve just mentioned how that box of watercolours lead you into the wonderful career that you have now.. Three years ago I was asked to design my schools fashion show flyers, I came across your website and what an inspiration your work was! I went on to create the flyers and everyone had praised me for what good work I did and it was all down to seeing your work. Now to this day, Im still in love with your work, and currently studying a-levels in art, textiles and ict, I get inspiration from everything around me. I’m hoping one day I become an illustrator and have work just as amazing as yours :} (which I probably won’t hehe)

  22. It’s a strange coincidence. I am searching here in Portugal these watercolors to buy and I havent’s found yet with those colors. So, I think, why not?

    Hello! My name is Alexandra and I am a product designer from Portugal…and I am beginning now my adventure in fashion illustration, in a more serious way, taking the advantage of being recently “in between jobs”

    Since I was a little girl…I am attracted to arts and design. But I never seen that as a real profession to follow. the age of 33 , I am following that dream with all my heart and by my self, through books, your tutorials 🙂 , through inspiring images and fotography and everything that surroundsme, real or virtual.

    So, art for me is a way of live, is a way to express myself, I like to use different technics to find different results but in the same style. I am an experimental person 🙂

    I am following your blog for a while and you inspire me so much, to believe that is possible!

    If you are curious about my work, you can find some here:

    Nice to meet you,

  23. This is so nice, Katie; thanks! To me art is how I illustrate what I’m feeling and what I’m dreaming of in my head. When I get an idea of something weird and then I can actually spell it out by drawing it; I love that feeling of being able to share it and making it real somehow. It gives you that exhilarating rush and makes you feel like you have a special power if for only just a moment. Just a moment to make yourself or someone else pause and react. That’s what art means to me 🙂

  24. Art helps me understand how the world functions, how people behave the way they do. Art has taught me to be patient, to take time and focus on the little details that make the difference!

    Your art is surely an inspiration and I love your style especially because it brings to our lives a touch of fairy tales !

    Merry Christmas to all 🙂

  25. What a great giveaway! Art to me has always been something I can do in my head, but I can’t execute. As I get older, the more I realize I don’t need to be perfect at it to enjoy it, and that practice is really the only way to get better. But if I get frustrated right away, I won’t practice, and therefore, won’t get any better! This gift would certainly help inspire me 🙂 Thank you for the chance and Merry Christmas!

  26. What does Art mean to me? Art is when you’re able to express your thoughts and feelings in a creative way. It is a way of being inspired and inspiring others.

    Looking through your blog helped me face my fears and here I am… painting again 🙂 Going to open up my Etsy shop soon! Thanks for sharing your work! Happy Holidays!

  27. Awesome giveaway! Art means so much to me and I didn’t even realize it until I was in college. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life but I knew I wanted to be able to work from home and take care of my babies (even before I had babies)! When I took my first drawing class, as scared as I was, it was like I could breathe again. I had never felt the feeling of “meant to be” before that class. And today, 15 years later, I’m a graphic designer working from home, taking care of my babies. And fine art is such an outlet for me. I’m even passing the love down to my 9 year old daughter, too. She came home from school yesterday in a totally bad mood. Her first words (after tears and a hug) were, “Can I paint?” Love it!

  28. Art has been in my life since I was extremely young.
    I remember when my mother dropped me off at preschool. I waited by the window for the whole week and was quite glad when she came to pick me up. The day one of the workers offered me some glitter glue and a pair of bright red scissors is the day that I realized that this is my passion. Scissors and a 4- year-old don’t really mix, but after that day I was hooked.
    Art has become my life. I sing, write and incorporate my creative thinking in everything I do. Now that things have gotten so tough I seek art as a safe haven. Sometimes I’ll send little snippets of things I draw to my dad and his unit (who is currently doing overseas in Afghanistan for a military deployment). Art isn’t just a way I express myself… It’s a way of life.
    I was quite surprised when I saw that you were giving these things away. Just yesterday I was looking for the cheapest prices for these items. The fact that I have a chance to win these is amazing.. I haven’t asked for a Christmas present since I was ten.
    This is opportunity itself is definitely the best Christmas present ever. Thank you for doing this, win or lose.

  29. What does art mean to me? To me art, is everything and everywhere. Art brings happiness, and people together and through art we are able to escape. Whenever I pick up my paints, and pens, and brushes, and glitters, I escape into my own world. A world of bliss. I am currently studying a national diploma in art and design, specializing in graphic design and illustration, and through seeing your beautiful illustrations it really has inspired me. My wish is to have a creative career, to spend my life doing something that I truly love! Please have a look on my blog to see my work 🙂

    Flora x

  30. Art allows me to put on paper or canvas what I see inside my head. I can fully express the colors, the lines, the curves of something by putting it down for others to see. It’s a way for others to see me, or my thoughts, and the expression of creativity behind them! It’s also a way to declutter my brain, my art changes with my moods. Great giveaway! Whoever wins will get a great gift!

  31. Art is what makes you feel, inspires you, touches you, makes you embrace your emotions and helps channel your feelings in thoughts in an unconventional and visual way. I am inspired by nearly everything, it’s just a matter of looking. But mostly I am inspired by my own feelings and my empathy for loved ones. <3 twitter: @__katiemarie_

  32. Art is creation and gives off a reaction, art is everything and everywhere. Art to me is what I do whether it is applying my makeup to whatever mood I am in, how I dress, how I take photographs, how I work with multi-media, it is how I bake, how I choose to talk in riddles. Art is which feeds me, gives me energy, curiosity, reactions, and joy. Art is all around, art is for everyone whether something is understood or not.

  33. Hello Katie, I thank you for giving me the courage to learn how to use watercolor, and every new techniques you teach us everyday. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway, even if I don’t win.

    Keeps doing what you love and I hope you make more wonderful art the New Year.

  34. Katie, this is the sweetest and most thoughtful giveaway! Thank you so much!!!
    From a very young age art and creative expression is what has kept me excited day to day, to be able to see natures beauty and add replicate a portion or its beauty in a simple sketch or a pattern or just being able to freely move your pencil and find complete freedom and tranquility in each line,to watch the colors play among each other and form unique strokes of beauty. Art adds to the natural beauty around us and helps express our inner world of thought. Art will always bring so much joy to my life and constantly inspire me day to day.
    p.s I find your tutorials very helpful, keep up the inspiring work and happy holidays!!!

  35. Katie,
    I wish I could fully express how much your art work means to me and inspires me on a daily basis. As someone who has studied the art of fashion design, I can say that art and fashion are one in the same to me; they are creative outlets that not only give me room to express myself, but also powerful tools that allow me to communicate with the world.

    The fact that you have made a career out of joining your artistic talents with your love for fashion is something unique, and motivating in itself. Because of your work, I know that that there are other people out there who share the love for the beauty in the messages you convey — that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Like yourself, I am also moved by a force to try and spark others with the talents I have to offer, in order to help make this world a place I think we’d all love to see. 🙂

    Here is some of my work. Making due with kindergarten watercolors! 😛

  36. Art keeps me SANE. After a long day at the office, having a creative outlet is so important to me! Hobbies also decribe who someone is. Not everyone has the most amazing job, but crafting and creating is something you CHOOSE to do. You get to decide what is looks like and who sees it. power is positive and art gives me creative power! Friends, family, positivity and fun are my normal inspirations, and of course people like you!!

  37. When I was younger, I grew up thinking I had no real talent that made me stand out from the rest of my classmates. And when I started art classes in 3rd grade after begging my mom for a couple years I was thrilled. There were so many different things I wanted to do with different mediums and styles. After a few years I started to have more confidence in what I want to do with my life. And now I feel like I continuously discover myself more and more through art and what I like about art. Art is the reason I’m where I am right now in life–and I’m grateful.

  38. Hi Katie – Art is everything to me! Not only is it my career, but a source of happiness & confidence. I have drawn since I was a little girl, but wasn’t until a few months ago that I got the courage to try watercolors again (after seeing your work and some others on Pinterest). I had a professor at FIT tell me that there was no money in fashion illustration and I wish I never listened. 🙁

    Now I do a weekly post for Oh Joy! and couldn’t be more grateful –>

    I think your work is amazing and strive to be as good! xo


  39. I am an Interior Designer and have always loved the artsy side of what I do. I follow your facebook page and admire your beautiful watercolors. This year I can truly say that you inspired me to paint. I have found that my medium of choice is acrylics, although I have tried watercolor, love it, and need more practice. Happy inspired holidays to you!

  40. Art is everything to me! I’m wishing on a star that 2013 will be my year to become a full time artist. My youngest will be starting kinder in the fall and so I’m hoping to return to full time work as an artist*fingers crossed*. Every time I see your work it pushes me to try new things and to grow as an artist. Thank you Katie=0) Happy Christmas!

  41. To me, art is an expression of yourself. I’ve never really been all that gifted in the drawing aspect of art, but I do so love watercolors. I asked for a lovely set of them for Christmas, in hopes that I would be able to paint what inspires me. Something that really helped unleash my style of art was looking at runway designs, as they tend to be a bit more outlandish and fun than a typical outfit. I won’t say that I’m very good, but experimenting with shapes and colors have always come naturally to me, ever since I rearranged all of my button collection by shade when I was a little girl. A dream of mine is to be able to sketch in the NY Fashion Museum. I get inspired visually, so it would be a perfect place to get tons of ideas. But I must tell you, your work has inspired me more than any other artists’ I’ve seen. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing the work you do and being so open to sharing it.

    Have a very blessed Christmas and a happy New Year!


  42. The I only know how to express myself and get my ideas across to others is through art. I love bringing my imagination to life and sharing them with those around me. Art is a way of escaping the world and entering a world of wonder!

  43. Art has been the single most liberating and empowering force that allows me to truly express myself. Ever since I was in 3rd grade I would come to school on career day dressed as an artist with my red beret and color palette.. There was always something that drew me towards being an artist. I am blessed to have finally found my medium of artistry through making films. Even though I love to paint I still to this day have never tried to water color with REAL water colors! I’m so inspired to go and find a new hobby to allow myself to unwind!

  44. Well, art means to me my life, because I love drawing and painting ever since I can remember. But I hated to paint with watercolors till I met your art. Art also means to me creative work which has never been seen before … like your art ! It’s so special & it inspires me sooo much ! You are my favorite artist ! I thank you so much that you sharing your art.. I adore you ! I also posted a picture with some of my paintings: I hope you like them ! ♥

  45. I just love your work! I worked with oils for so long that when I was forced to relinquish my brush (asthma) I feared color and dripping paint would forever be out of my reach, until I saw your work. I used to think watercolor was anemic and boring, but your work and tips inspired be to return to the drawing board (figurative and literal) and painting has never been as relaxing and enjoyable as it is now.

    Thanks for the inspiration and my soon-to-be delivered print of the Miu Miu shoe! Yay!

  46. What a beautiful giveaway. Art is something that helps me stay focused and centered. in the crazy and stressful life of a college student, painting and crafting help give me peace.

  47. Art helps me escape. Each time I pick up a paintbrush I remember instantly why I love it so much. I don’t get around to it as often as I’d like to right now so I’m going to start scheduling it in. Painting helps me remember what’s important and to refocus my energy so it needs to be a priority.

  48. Art is as essential to me as breating; its a part of who I am as a being and unfortunately a part I had neglected for many years. I grew up with a brother who is an amazing artist and was always comparing myself to him. Years and years later I finally realized I am an artist in MY own right and it’s freeing. I don’t leave the house without a sketch book and pencils or watercolors or inks (or all 3!) and even at home I can’t be without my art supplies. Art completes me……..

  49. What is art?… In the 6th grade I had this awesome art teacher that inspired me. I used to get really disappointed because my art wasn’t the best, and I wanted to drop out of the class. She talked to me a couple times, and the last time she told me to go home and listed to my favorite song and take a paper and pencil and just draw to the melody of the song. I went home and did exactly that. I’m a really big Florence + The Machine fan, so I listened to a couple of their songs and just drew. I showed her the next day and she says, “Only you can do something like this. Art is how you feel. How you see things. It’s your heart poured onto a piece of paper. Making comparisons will bring you down, because no 2 hearts are alike.” She really encouraged me. I actually have been doing art as an elective every year ever since. So, what is art to me? Art is a unique expression of who you are; of how you feel. Art can be a key to your heart. It can define who you are. And no one can take it away from you. People can try to destroy you. But they will never be able to take away your art. Art isn’t the piece of paper. Art is your interpretation of things. Your mind. I think of this every time I paint, and I have been growing as the time flies. Now I am in 9th grade and my teacher is gone, but her words are permanently in my heart. “Art is the unique expression of your feelings and mind. No one has that.”

  50. Art is my outlet for creativity! I have no idea what I’d do if I couldn’t express myself with art!
    I think you can find inspiration for art everywhere and it really means a lot to me to be able to express my thoughts and make people happy with my art at the same time 🙂

  51. Truly, I am inspired by you. But there’s more to it. Every woman has her own sense of grace, beauty, and elegance. I like that your work captures that feeling. Your art resounds with me because I see the moment you are capturing- it’s a feeling of knowing your own grace. So inspiration is all around me! It is every strandof pearls and every flowy dress! Isn’t the world beautiful?

  52. Through art I have found who I really am as a human. I’ve been painting since the day I could hold a paintbrush, and just within the last year and half, I’ve done nothing but watercolors. I can’t stop! It has helped set me free, kept me going forward, and pushes my heart and imagination further than I knew existed. This year, with the help of your artwork, testimonies, and inspiration, I was able to step out into the art world and begin in freelance and selling original watercolor work of my own. Working as a full time merchandiser and graphic designer through out the day, watercoloring has kept me and my heart at peace. It would be an honor to receive something in return that can help me succeed even further by someone who has truly helped me discover myself as an artist! Thanks so much and happy holidays, Katie! xo

  53. I love your blog, Katie! Inspirational and fun, and you want to know what art means to me? Ooh la la! Art is pretty much who I am at the core. It’s what I think of all the time, what I breathe, what I dream and what I create. I love art – and I am thankful for the gift that has been bestowed upon me. And I adore watercolors! I am merely a dabbler when it comes to that medium, but I would love to become proficient.Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a prize from you – I am really loving your calendar too! You rock, and I also want to congratulate you for your lovely pinboard and being chosen in the Buick contest. rock on…

  54. Hello Katie.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

    Art, is for me, the most important thing in the world!

    My first contact with art started when I was around 5 years old. Much more later, my parents gave me a watercolor set from Derwent, that became my most important ‘art-friend’.

    I’m not from a very wealthy family you know… so, only a few years ago, when I started working, I was able to start buying my own stuff. You see, here in Portugal, imported art material is very expensive. So, as you can imagine, watercolors are terrible expensive too me. With my watercolor set, I usually buy the pencils when they’re over, and try to make the most out of them.

    My wish is to become a designer, but at age 27, I still need to work in many odd jobs to save money to go to college! Since I work most of the day, I spend a few hours EVERY SINGLE DAY, drawing and painting! It’s the only thing that makes me believe I can do it…
    Watercolors are for me, a form of outmost expression! It’s the medium that makes me feel more creative! 🙂

    You see, artists, like yourself, really inspire me in becoming able to achieve more in life! (I wouldn’t mind creating a website to sell my paintings…). Everyone tells me that my watercolors are very creative and beautiful… but I’m not very confident… I feel that I have so much to learn! In a way, I keep thinking that by going to college I’ll be able to achieve more, you know?

    If I could win this giveaway, the watercolors you are giving would be a perfect start! I only use watercolor pencils, because they’re the cheapest here in Portugal! 🙁 Maybe by experimenting with something new…

    But, like I one told you, I’m not a very lucky person… I still have to work a lot to save enough money to study and to buy a few more art supplies!

    Is there any suggestion you could give me? 🙂

    Katie, I wish you success and happiness. 2013 is not going to be a very easy year, here in Portugal. I hope you may achieve more in your career.
    And thank you for this wonderful opportunity! 🙂

    Kindest regards,

  55. hi Katie the main reason what art means to me. is thet, I was a shy girl and it didn’t halp thet I also stutterer, so instead go and play with other childrens I take a pencil and started to draw and I never stop, to paint and to darw is everything to me, my own private world it simply make me happy
    so Thank you

  56. Oh Art!! The love of my life, it means everything! And each day, amazes me! Thanks for share your magical work!
    Happy Holiday Katie

  57. I see art as the materialied expression of the times,its child as Kandinsky has said. An artist is playing while also creating something relevant..i believe art and society are in a give and receive organic relationship: art inspires society and society inspires art.

  58. Katie, your illustrations and career have really kept my creative juices flowing. I’m 18 and I am currently playing fast pitch softball at a college in Northern Idaho. As you can imagine it’s not the most fashionable place. As a female athlete we are often teased for dressing girly or caring about clothes. I’ve always been captivated by fashion and design and I’m very interested in pursuing a career in these fields. However it’s hard to remember why I love these things so much when my environment is so uninspiring. So naturally I turn towards the internet and magazines to fill the void (and blogs like yours.) Art is a very important part of my life. Both of my grandmothers were great artists, their paintings are all over my parent’s house. Being able to escape through art is the best therapy for me. I have tried to paint with watercolor before, but I think I need quite a bit more practice. When I do draw it’s usually with my old graphite tools from my high school art class. I’m going to try and tweet you something I’ve drawn, so fingers crossed it works!!

  59. To me, Art is how I express my self! I loveeeeeee all of your instagram photos, Katie! I am overwhelmed by your amazing talent. I am always getting inspired on pinterest to create new things. I feel like art is a way to worship. I want to worship God by creating masterpieces, i mean he is the master creater.. my family and I will be traveling europe for 4 months in 2013. I can’t wait to experience Italy and grow to understand the great art.
    Merry Christmas, princess! I wish you the best!

  60. Art means absolutely everything to me! I have always been an artsy person ever since I was little! I would love to be a fashion designer when I grow up and hope to have art in my life forever. I have just recently discovered water color and I fell in love with it instantly. Absolutely everything inspires me! Especially other artists like yourself. I like to look at other artist’s work and do my own take on it. Your painting are absolutely gorgeous and I hope that one day I can be as amazingly talented as you(:

  61. To be art is a way to express myself in ways I can’t with words, with a difficult time in high school art was my only escape and a trusty set of watercolours were my bestfriend then I discovered fashion illustation and soon after your blog and everything seemed to feel right! I’m now working a portfolio and multiple projects to fulfill the dream of attending art college and hopefully on a scholarship! So that’s what art means to me, everything, it’s how I express myself and its been there for me in the hardest times <3

  62. Art means so much to me, it’s hard to put it into words. It surrounds me in my everyday life, in some of the most unexpected ways. I always find beauty in the strangest things, and that inspires me to continue with my art. Your designs are truly stunning, and it’s an inspiration to know that you can find success with art in the “real world.”

  63. Sometimes it is hard for me to express in words what I feel. That is why I paint rather than speak sometimes. It’s something that captures my whole attention to start and finish a painting or a drawing or even edit photos. I love that if I mess up it’s ok…I can either control-z or work with that “happy accident.” 🙂 Watercolor was a scary step for someone who only does oil paintings, but when I see your work and the layering and detail you put into your paintings, I know that I can create something beautiful and meaningful too. I have dabbled a bit with watercolor and am starting to get the hang of it, but having this set would inspire and motivate me even more to bust out the watercolors instead of fall back on my good ol’ oil paintings.

    Thank you for what you do. I am inspired everyday from your work and I cannot thank you enough. So here is another THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  64. art is everything. it’s my relief, my means of expression, my excitement, and my drive. it always has been, but moreso recently as i’ve invested a lot to make art my future. thank you for being an (incredible) example, and a constant source of inspiration.

    happy holidays!

  65. WOW.. This post alone is inspiring. Thank you everyone! Art was my outlet in life when I was younger. I used to draw, paint and color on everything. My parent were never really into art and put me into sports, which consumed my whole life even into college. I stopped painting and drawing, but always thought about it and doddled my note books and binders. I am 24 now and I went back to my parents house and was going through all my old stuff and found one of my drawing books. 14 years later… I have never been more inspired to pick up drawing and painting again. I can’t wait!!!

  66. I’m a student and I just realised recently that art is what I wanted to do.. Since I then started my blog where I post one design a day it simply became natural to sit down after school and draw until I had something I could post…I can’T really imagine what my day would be like without it…!
    xoxo Alex

  67. To me art means freedom. Being able to express whatever thought hits you as important, pretty or amusing. I find inspiration all over the place magazines, photos, music, and the crazy things my kids do!

  68. for me art is a vision of our imagination, disire,ideas,a manifestation of our hidden visions and memories in life that we express either in paintings, sculpture or in any form.

  69. Art? Where do I start.. I was told that t age 3 I picked up a pencil and held it correctly without anyone showing me how, and I was better at drawing faces than my abc’s. I remember looking at a book of van gogh in bewildered manner, it was my fave book as a toddler. But being Asian and a generation of non-artitst family, I took art major without everyone’s consent and
    have to get a “real” job to support it myself. I worked until I graduate and over the years later, abandoning my art whole fully along the way. You know, grown up work means serious business
    and requires full attention. But I always find my way back. I did lost my paint brush but I found my Wacom tablet. And a new love affair had begun. 🙂 you can check out my work at my blog or my deviantart. I’m not a pro but I hope you like them.
    Maybe if I win, it would inspire me to pick up my real life brush once again. And have I told you how much I already tempted to do that? By following you on instagram? I admire your work!

  70. Art & creativity ~ mine and that of others, has quite literally saved my life…
    It, creating and seeing, allowed me to feel again, slowly, gracefully, {tears at a Van Gogh exhibit…} without falling into the depths of personal hurts…
    This is a wonderful opportunity you are giving…
    It says {to me}
    “I believe in the power of creativity ~ in yours…”
    I hope I win but I know whomever gets this wonderful gift will be inspired!
    Happiest Holidays.

  71. Art is an outlet that I use to relax after a long day at work advocating for children. I love to send my art to my family and friends as little pick me ups.

  72. Art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember! Art is a way for me to express my self creativly and painting is a fabulous way to escape and relax! Lately, similar to you, I work in the form of watercolors.
    While being a college student I have a small paper goods company on the side, FACTOR 124. All of my products include my watercolor illustrations. It is a very small little business and I am just starting out but painting and being creative is part of my every day life!
    Your blog and your artwork is a constant inspiration to me! The success that you have through your work inspires me to keep doing my best!
    I currently use watercolor tubes..which can be cumbersome to use outside or anywhere than my desk, so this small set would be great for getting outdoors and painting more real life subjects! I have also read your tutorials and suggestions and I am really interested in trying the arches hot press paper you have suggested!
    Just the other day based on your rave reviews I got a magic wand scanner – and it is fabulous! It is so portable and easy to use!
    I hope that you have a great holiday! And thank you for being a constant inspiration!
    xx Nancy

  73. Art has been prevalent throughout my entire life. Per my mother, I drew prior to speaking my first word (I drew an old fashioned rotary phone, not a cell phone). Therefore, art is essential for my existence. I appreciate what art has to offer and I embrace it into my life (whether it is via the visual or performing arts).There is a part of my being which demands for me to have art to be ‘alive’ and existent in my life. Unfortunately, although I have taken a few courses throughout my life, I have not been persistent in ‘sticking to it’ due to my lame excuses. However, within a month I shall be moving to the UK, and due to the fact that I will be alone, I want to embrace this time as my perfect opportunity to journal my new life chapter via my creative energy. This is my inspiration.

  74. Art means everything to me. As a current student at an art school I get to wake up every day thinking how lucky I am to have picked a career that allows me to do what I love; fashion illustration. I am continually inspired by David Downton and Rene Gruau.

  75. I agree with everyone, in that art has been so important to me, and has helped me through a lot, and that it’s everything in life. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t draw, or paint, or want to be drawing or painting. When I am angry, drawing calms me down again. When I am discouraged, it helps me realize that I still have a purpose in this world. Art is my air, my light, the ground I stand on.

  76. Art has been a huge constant in my life that has helped me through the ups and downs and has always been a part of who I am.
    I remember that discovering your beautiful work a few years ago was sort of a turning point for me artistically because it became a huge source of inspiration and I started admiring you and your work. It even helped me see my work differently at a time when I was doubting myself and my skills.
    I am really inspired by color, the great array of human emotions and words. Yes, words. Their power and the way they can express so many different things by just combining letters. I find it interesting when you really think about it.

  77. Katie – To me art is not just the final product that I have at the end. It is the process in which I go through to express the things which make me human and who I am. I believe every little choice we make in the moment through out life all adds up to make each individual one of us unique, much like every small line, shade, colour choice etc that we decide to include or not include in an art work.
    Art grounds me, and gives me a sense of purpose. It has taught me to enjoy the journey & really look at and take in my surroundings. Art has taught me to see and to be always be curious.
    Have you heard of the butterfly effect? Well, art has taught me that I am simply wandering out somewhere between the butterfly and the hurricane, forever changing, forever letting my life take shape however it may. Through art I can capture my own unique journey and see others express theirs.
    I love your illustrations Katie, I feel like they are so much more then pretty pictures, they are a step into your wonderful world. Josie x

  78. I have always loved art and fashion, but I never thought of combing them both- that is until I happened to stumble upon your blog, which I look at all the time. This year as a freshman in high school, I have finally found my so-called calling, which is fashion art! I try to either sketch or paint something everyday, whether its a watercolor or a doodle in my notebook margin, and with you as my inspiration, I have collected at least a hundred Martha Stewart glitter tubes, that I have been utilizing for the last couple months. I love finding cool pictures from mags like Vogue or tumblr that I can illustrate- This holiday season I have had my friends find pictures that they like that I re-create for them as a gift. My walls are currently a mess- I went and bought that neon pink mt tape and I have hung my favorites, next to the Miu Miu shoe original my parents surprised me with for my birthday! There may be thousands of fashion artists around, but your my favorite- especially with your use of vibrant colors and glitter. I show all my friends your instagram and I tell them this is what I want to do when I grow up! Katie- you’re truly my inspiration!! Never stop!

    i’ll be sure to tweet a pic.

  79. Art to me is both passion and a lifestyle. Ever since I was kid I knew art is where I’m going to excel at since my mom would always sign me up for ballet and music classes but I always end up drawing away. Its for people who sees life in a bigger picture and art is not just the final piece, its also the process of drawing or making that piece. Lifestyle because its a good thing to be surrounded by inspiring things and creative individuals with wild imagination. It really gives off good vibes =)

    Honestly, YOU inspired me to explore more with art. Before I saw your blog, I really did not care enough to focus on my sketches. Mainly because I didn’t know anything since I never took formal classes for it. I really learned a lot from just reading your blog. I took your advices and techniques while still finding my own style (and, still is).

    I’m also sending you a tweet =)

    Thank you so much for taking the time to engage with your fans! Happy Holidays =)

  80. Art is the light in my soul- it is who I am! The simple act of drawing- putting pencil on paper, is an act that is inexplicable to those who don’t “do” art but to those that do, it is an expression of all that is within- pure and simple!

  81. Hi Katie!

    Art has been that needed constant in my life since I was little. As a five-year-old, I declared to my family with such confidence “I want to be an artist!” I have experienced many blips in the road to becoming an artist since that declaration, changing my mind every year about what career path I wanted to follow. It wasn’t until I reached high school and was introduced to charcoal, pastel, ink, and some incredible teachers that I stepped back onto the road that I had strayed from. For me, art is a means of expressing images and moods that I cannot form with words. I have an appreciation for beauty, but I like to explore the uncharted areas of different subjects that I am drawn to. I’m inspired largely by fashion, folk music, stories, nature, and the personal journeys of people I admire, like you. Next fall I will be heading off to college (Washington University!) to major in visual art. It would be incredible to receive the same watercolors that opened the door for you into doing what you love. I’ll admit that I’m currently using the same kindergarten classroom set of watercolors you received when you were young!

  82. Art is something that I can’t really wrap my head around, but at the same time I feel like I completely understand it and it is me in a nutshell. Art is not simply paper and colors. Art goes beyond what one’s mind could grasp, and many people fail to see the beauty of it. Art is worth more than it’s inherent beauty, it connects generations. It makes people smile. It gives life and love. A world without art is a world without color or life. It’s bland and sad.
    P.S.-Words cannot explain how excited I was as soon as I saw you giving these lovely gifts away. I would be honored to own them especially considering they’re coming from you 🙂 Appreciate that you’re giving back to your fans because many don’t do that 🙂 Thank you .

  83. Art is something that constantly inspires me and twitches my fingers to make something happen. Art is the disparity between what I make and what I wanted to make, and to see it slowly close up with days of practice. Art is my free time and my home, and with it I’d like to make something that other people will enjoy looking at in their own free time.

    I love people who draw for charities. My dream is to be able to sell my illustrations and use that money to donate to charity (sounds suspicious I know). Because the ART drawn for someone can be turned into LOVE for someone in need.

  84. Art, art for me is the expression and release of the ideas bottled in my head. Of joyous fantasy, dark nights, and wonderful wonderlands becoming expressed through a visual medium. It’s the savor of many in that it provides an outlet for which to escape or explain the frustrations of life. To me it is so much a part of my daily routine, and of life. Without art, we find ourselves without the means to express the underlying ideas and movements within a culture, unable to she the layers of a society and all that is encompassed within it. These are what art means to me. Whenim having the lowest of days, my paints and a scrap of paper can turn the darkest days around. Being able to share it with others sometimes is also so rewarding. Because sometimes they can find something within your work,or just the work itself to inspire them. If they can relate to the work or the artist we bring the world a little closer to understanding what it is to be human. To share our experiences and feelings in a visual way is such a gift.

    This is art for me.



  85. Art for me has always been tied closely to design. As a kid, I always loved to draw and decorate things, and particularly things that served a function. Making my own invitations and birthday cards and designing notebooks for every class was an obsession of mine. It wasn’t until high school that I really embraced art as more than a hobby. Now I’m about to start a new job as a graphic designer and art is how I will make my living. I think it’s really empowering when you are able to support yourself doing something you love. Thank you for this opportunity and have a happy Christmas!

  86. it’s such a cliché to say “art means everything to me”, but it really does. it’s something that will never stop make me dreaming and trying to find out it’s secrets. it’s beauty, it’s melancholy, it’s what ever you need or want or didn’t even know you were looking for. it helps you define yourself and what you are doing, it makes you do things you may not quite even understand. art is a paradox we’ll always try to figure out and gives energy in that process.
    and the best thing about art is that it’s there for everyone of us: you can find it from music, architecture or dancing, whatever and whenever.
    once i want to be somebody who does art, that makes people say all those things that i just said.

  87. Art has always been apart of my life…i’ve been drawing since i was very young and hasn’t stopped yet. Art shows peoples emotions and you can see the beauty of someone threw their art, no matter what it is. Everything around me inspires my drawings especially anything that is colorful and pretty : ).

  88. Art is the part of reality that I can create for myself and others, even if it’s just for a moment or two. It’s all about daring to be my real self and to love what I love. The beauty and boldness of your own art is so inspiring!

  89. Hello (and merry christmas!), I totally get what you mean when you say how people often inspire each other, I’ve gotten inspiration simply from watching a busy crowd sometimes.
    What does art mean to me? That’s a good question. (Ok I’ll stop beating around the bush and just answer now). I find it difficult to explain, because I don’t want it to sound rehearsed, and I don’t want it to sound cheesy or made up. I’m one of those people who are not happy with themselves, and even though my friends and family know me as the girl who makes everyone laugh, it’s getting harder day by day. The times when it’s the hardest, when it’s the most painful being myself, times where my thoughts are so loud that and I can’t even cry or scream and it’s hard to even sit – that’s when art comes in. I can’t really call it art, I don’t think anything I do is worthy of being called art, but it helps. I either write out my feelings, or draw sketches, or little pictures with sad feelings inside. I can’t say art means everything to me, (food is also a bit part of my life) but it’s definitely something that I can’t imagine my life without, I can’t imagine anything without. Art is all around us, in architecture (which I love) in every landscape and every dirty corner, in every brick and every rotten dream. Art comes in such magnificent different ways and I love all of them, life without art would be impossible, life without art would not be life. So that’s what art means to me. Thanks, and sorry for it being so long when I wanted it to be short oh well :]]

  90. What does art mean to me? Everything. I remember the day I god a huge pad of cartridge paper for my 5th birthday, and a whole tub of crayons. I had been into art my whole (short) life and when I opened that, it all set off for me. I may be only 13, but art allows me to express myself the way no words can. To see the stroke of a paintbrush on paper, the sketchy lines done when you are meant to be working, to the works of Da Vinci. Everyone, and everything, can relate to art. Whether you understand it or now doesn’t matter, people from around the world to see art, and it brings those people together. That is what art means to me, and more. This is an awesome giveaway, thank you so much for the oppurtunity 🙂 xx

  91. I’ve never considered myself to be very talented when it comes to the visual arts. And I’m okay with that. Even with that said, I still draw, paint, color, sketch – all of the above – because it makes me feel good. Art has always been my way to relax, whether it’s creating it or making a museum trip to enjoy what others are doing. Art just makes me feel good.

  92. I was always into art and ever since i left high school my passion and well resources have been lax. I had all the material i needed right there in class. Now that i am in college i want to start on my art again. Problem? i love so many medians i cant decide. COmpromise? watercolor is the best of everything. I take other peoples art and use it as inspiration. As well as life in general. myu family is what really inspires me. Not so much the people, but the feelings i get from them.

  93. Art to me is a way to lose myself for a little while. By concentrating fiercely, I am always surprised when I look at the clock and see a couple of hours (or more) have passed. Lovely!

  94. To me, Art is a great way to express myself. I wasn’t one of those people that were natural at it and just whipped up art pieces at a young age but it has grown on me and I think I’ve come a long way since. I’m a fashion designer, and that’s my main career but I find such peace when I’m working on an illustration, nothing really compares to it.

  95. Art has long been a part of my life. I drew ever since I could hold the weight of a crayon and have always been encouraged to pursue my talent in any form that I found myself happy. I have always used art as a sort of visual journal. My creations consciously and subconsciously reflect key moments in my life and are my form of “marking my height on the wall”… it shows my growth and my experiences as a person; a n expression of raw and real honesty. And what is so cool is that you can express that honesty and only you will know what it truly means. For anyone else, it is their interpretation.

  96. For me art means seeing unlimited possibilities from different points of view. Inspiration can come from everywhere or nowhere at all. For example I got an idea for a story from a computer game. I’ve also gotten story ideas while I was just relaxing.

  97. Art means a lot to me, and so do you. Your art is so beautiful and such an inspiration. I’m only a freshman in high school and I don’t have access to many artistic things, but I’ve been drawing since I was very little. I remember seeing my mom’s drawings from when she was in university, and that inspired me so much even though I was but 7 years old.

  98. Art is a way for me to express myself. I love art because there are no limits to one’s creativity. I’ve been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil! My inspiration comes from those who follow their passion and are not afraid to live their dreams!

  99. Art is my life. Its who I am and what I do. Every since high school I was taking creative classes like Drawing from Still Life and Art studio…I was always doodling, etc…(Im a stationery addict!!!)..I love street art, museums, fashion, tattoos (I have a few); the list goes on and on. But when I entered college, I thought Marketing was what I wanted to do…long story short I changed to Graphic Design and thats was the best decision I ever made because being creative is who I am an what makes me happy..Im not a professional illustrator, painter…but I do love drawing and learning new thing …I would love to win this and explore what I can do with a paint brush!! lol
    I love your work and your blog!!! 🙂
    Good Luck to everyone!! and Happy Holidays!

    Twitter – @shirl85

  100. For me art allows an idea to come to life. For people who who have ideas that might not be able to happen in real life, they are able to express it through animation, drawing, painting and writing.
    Almost anything can inspire me. Like for example when you look at photographs, read a book, see other artist’s drawings, or any normal thing you see everyday, and you have a moment when you think in your head “I know what i want to draw next.” Other times i like to have no inspiration. When i’m just sitting in class, mindlessly doodleing on the side of a handout, and when finish you can surprise your self with what you’ve drawn. Then you can take all your old handouts and look back at all the not finished, no detailed drawings.
    I would really love to win that watercolor set. i currently have the same winston and newton set as you (which i love) but its about 5 years old, and missing some colors.

    BTW your braided and adele paintings are my favorite!!! They’re so pretty:)

  101. To me, art is when I’m so lost in what I’m creating that I lose track of time. I’m inspired by my 11 nieces and nephews, whose adorable faces are the focal point of many of my paintings and drawings!

  102. Without art, I would be lost. After having my daughter, it saved me from my postpartum depression. Having these nice supplies would help me continue to create. I can only afford the cheap paper and paints. I love your set and the paper you use! It would mean the world for me this Christmas to win this! Happy holidays!

  103. To me art is not only a form of expression but a different dimension of this world. We are surrounded daily by so much evil and negativity and art for some is a way of getting away from reality. Yes we do have to face reality at the end of the day but it is nice to have something to make life a little easier. Which is what art is for me. I have loved all forms of art since I was little girl. It was always therapeutic and relaxing and will always be a part of me. From drawing, painting, sculpting, and sewing I love all forms of art. I do not know how to do everything but have experimented with a little bit of everything. That is what art is for me and means to me.

  104. Art to me is an outlet for self expression, a way of traveling without leaving home. I am inspired by nature, music, books, fashion, almost everything around me.
    Congratulations on your talent and your success.
    Happy Holidays!!

  105. Art is not only self expression and self love, but also a chance to see things the way that they could have or should be. A beautiful soul inside paired with angel wings, a scene of terror transformed into a vignette of innocence. A better way to see and remember the world. Bright color to replace a somber outlook, to remind ourselves that we always have the choice to choose one thought or feeling over others. Art to me protects my mind sometimes from the reality of what we witness sometimes and reminds me of the beauty and possibility if what others such as I are steadily choosing o provide and replace bad things with. May we all have bright pinks, sunshine yellows, cobalt blues, shiny silvers, and opalescent whites to shine through the ebony blacks. Xoxo, Laurie RN

  106. I’m inspired by artists like you! Every time I browse through the web and find beautiful pictures and paintings and artwork, I am inspired to do the same. to create something of beauty and of inspiration, that will invoke the kind of awe that I also always feel. Art is my dream. Someday, i will find a career in art, and fulfill that life-long goal in becoming a professional artist.

  107. I think this quote describes me view on art perfectly– “without art the earth would just be eh” It’s unknown who said it, but that makes it all the more relevant. Art is doing productive things with my emotions rather than just botteling them up inside. I’m inspired by a lot of things, my mother’s hands and my father’s coffee cup and the way the world smells after rain. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas and oh thank god that the world isn’t just eh

  108. Art is living
    Each moment is a possibility to create
    I would love this for my daughter age 10 so she can wallow in the splendour of hhis medium

  109. I have always loved art and was really into it during my childhood, though due to certain events in my life I stopped expressing myself through my artwork. Finally this year, my senior year in high school, I finally picked up my paintbrush and started painting again. Now I cannot stop and I’m so glad I started again!

  110. You’d think a 9 year old doesn’t get art and won’t have an opinion, but I do. To me art is a magical world where anything can be done. A blank white page can be a whirlwind of color. And, it doesn’t have to be paper. It can be metal, wood, technology, anything! My mom will tweet you one of my pieces.
    Thank You!

  111. Art is LOVE! Art is my HEART! It is a part of me….and always will be. It is that simple for me. I get so excited just stepping into an art supply store, I call it Candyland. Art makes me smile…it makes me oh so happy!

  112. Art is the last thing you have left when you lose everything.It´s something that cannot be ever taken from you.It´s the most perfect expression of yourself.Medicine that never fails to cure the soul.Beauty that remains forever.

  113. Art, to me, is about sharing. We learn in history that art was put on walls as a proof of life. And so until now, be it on walls or paper, we were meant to create art so we can share our stories. In art we share what we feel.. and even more what we can’t say. Which is why I feel we will always be drawn to it. Because ultimately art is about people and their stories.. and how they’re trying to reach out and inspire. 🙂

  114. Art is all we can leave behind. It’s the most powerful, the longest lasting thing we can do with our lives. Art is more than paintings and sculptures, it’s any human expression of our thoughts and dreams and imaginations.
    To me it’s a lot of things. It’s my way of expression, it’s a universe I can escape to every time I put brush or pencil to paper. And maybe a doorway to the future.
    My absolute favorite inspiration is looking through old Vogue magazines. I love drawing vintage glamour shots and lately I’ve really gotten into watercolors because of how stunning it looks.
    Man, hard question.

  115. I had an art teacher who once said, “Art is like wearing underwear on your head.” Doing any art leaves the artist exposed. Since it’s subjective artists get people that laugh at them, ignore them, or whisper behind their backs. Every once in a while an artist gets someone who says that their artwork is great. I’ve struggled a lot with my artwork because of this. Yes, I get a lot of people saying my artwork is good, but then a little voice in my head that screams, “It’s underwear, there are flaws and it’s on your head!” Having said this I don’t think that I’d want to do artwork if it were easy.

    I have many goals for myself as, far as artwork goes, but my main goals always revolve around education, inspiration and helping people. I believe that a lot of the worlds problems could be solved if we focused more on these three things. Right now I’m focused on expanding my illustration portfolio and hoping to break into the children’s picture book market. I think I’m drawn to the children’s market because of the impact that picture books have on young children. My favourite children’s books include “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein, “The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats, and “Harold and the Purple Crayon” by Crockett Johnson. I was inspired by all these people growing up and I’d love to inspire children the same way. To even touch one child’s life with my artwork would mean the world to me.

    Though I’m focused on my illustration I also like to work on portraits of children and animals. For Christmas I painted two paintings of my son to give to his grandfather and great grandmother, and a painting of my Mother in Laws cat that just passed away. Doing paintings for other people is always difficult, because I worry that people wont like them. I do it because I love the people that I do art for and these people have such a strong impact on my life.

    My husband is always supportive of me, and I know if I make it in the Children’s book market it will be largely in part of his support. He challenges me every day and without him I wouldn’t be so driven to create. It’s been a tough road as of late, because I gave birth to my son David two years ago. I rarely have enough time for illustration, but I am more focused because of this. I am constantly inspired by this little guy and I’m sure much of my future artwork will in some way reflect how much he means to me.

  116. To me, art is a way to write a beautiful story without using a single word. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words.” I know it’s a cliche saying, but I find it to be quite true. So many times I’m at a loss of what to say, yet painting or drawing seems to express my thoughts quite perfectly for the moment! I think art also speaks to the hearts of many people people from different cultures, backgrounds and experiences. It connects the human heart with ideas, emotions and dreams that can inspire people for greater things.

    Just want to say thank you for being such an inspiration Katie and for being so encouraging to all of us out here!! I painted for years, and after a difficult personal season in high school, I put my paintbrushes down. I stumbled upon your site about four months ago and since then have picked up painting and drawing again! It’s been a very long time, but I’m loving every moment more than ever.

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