Maybe it’s because I grew up in the south… but I can’t get enough of snow. It’s always been so magical to me! I remember not being able to sleep as a kid if there were as much as flurries in the forecast… it felt like Christmas!

I’ve lived in Boston for four years now, and the enchantment of snow has yet to wear off. It’s one of the most peaceful things to wake up before dawn, or go out late in the night to walk in fresh snow.

Lucky for me, we have snow in the forecast today… and hopefully many more this winter!

Do you guys love snow as much as I do?

P.S. I found the most gorgeous acrylic paint yesterday (used on the curtain above). It’s called Pearl Mica Flakes.

  1. Hi Katie!
    I have a confession to make: though I’m 27 years old… I’ve never seen snow in my life! Really! I live far away from a place were is always snowing, but I’ve never seen with my own eyes! Someday I hope I will! 🙂

    I hope ‘snow’ is not like ‘Santa Claus’: I hope it’s real! 😀


  2. Growing up in Maine and now living in Stockholm I have seen a lot of snow in my life. I love the romance of it! I did spend a few years in Florida, and found it really boring with out seasons. I must confess I adore snow, but get pretty tired of it by March April. Winters are just a bit too long here in Sweden. Nothing beats that snow crunch though! xo Kristina

  3. I love snow! It makes me so excited even though I grew up with it. It’s always pretty (even if only for a moment in NYC) and I love how quiet it is too, there is something so tranquil about a soft falling snow.

    I’ve admired your paintings for awhile now, but this gorgeous post inspired me to comment! Keep up the beautiful work =)

  4. This illustration is SO. BEAUTIFUL.
    I love snow too! I grew up in a snowy area but now living in the Philippines so I probably won’t see snow for awhile!

  5. this is beautiful!! i’ve always lived in the south too…in AL and now GA (which i think is where you’re from?). i’ve only seen snow a handful of times. i loved being a kid and the weatherman would call for snow and cancel school only the next day there wouldn’t be any! ha

  6. Your watercolour techniques stun me every.single.time. I really love this painting. I can almost feel the fabrics that you’ve rendered.

    Snow is gorgeous, but I can definitely get tired of it after awhile! #canadianwinters

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