Last night I attended a beautiful performance by the Boston Ballet. If you haven’t been to the Boston Opera House, you must go.

Ballet has always fascinated me (even beyond my failed attempt as a little girl). It’s one of the most beautiful artistic uses of the human body… but I think what draws me in even more are the costumes. As a little girl, I was pretty disappointed that my first ballet class didn’t directly involve wearing a glittery tutu and pointe shoes. That crushed my dreams right there… I was set on being a prima ballerina right away! Maybe that’s why it didn’t quite work out between us.

I figure the only way we can work out is if I sketch them; and one day I’m going to convince them to let me sketch backstage.

  1. Love the suggestion of the form here…it’s not all there but it doesn’t need to be. It’s perfect 🙂

    I took ballet most my life and I found it to be such a love/hate. I, too, always wanted to rush to the performance. It’s crazy…you spend 8 months out of a year to perform for about 3 minutes! Haha.

    I’m sure you’re a fan of Degas’ paintings. I love his repetition of subjects (you’ll see the same groups of figures in several paintings) and the colors are my faaaavorite! Pretty mints, pale corals, and small dashes of lemon yellow…too gorgeous.

  2. I love ballet. I, too, was disillusioned with my “Ballet Buddies” class as a little girl. The only girl who got pretty costumes was the teacher’s daughter. Oh well.

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