Imagination sparks at the most random moments, doesn’t it? I was grabbing a coffee at Darwin’s yesterday, and on my walk home I saw a woman standing in the doorway of a garden… and I instantly imagined her standing there in a ballgown…which led to a whole story of course!

A little girl searching for a world where people dress only in their finest… a most stylish world if you will… she stumbles upon a Secret Garden esk doorway framed with colorful florals… and when she peeks inside, she finds a magically stylish world. For a moment she slips away from the mundane world of tshirts and jeans… and into her dream world of dress up.

That’s my brief summary of the story…

I kind of like the unfinished version too…

  1. I love this. It’s so perfect and exactly captures that desire to find a secret garden. That is still one of my favorite books.

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