I might be biased, but it’s so cool to watch other artists interacting with their subjects. I used to spend my summers studying art and music in this middle of nowhere woodsy place in Michigan… a little world full of talented artists, musicians, dancers, and actors. Just walking around the (almost make-believe) campus, watching artists sketching dancers, who were dancing to the compositions performed by the musicians… it was art on art on art!

When you see someone sketching another person, it’s so interesting to watch their vision of that person come to life. As an artist myself, I find it interesting where other artists begin a drawing… the face? the shoulders? the waist? Everyone sees things differently.

During one of my summers there, I remember watching a blind guy do a portrait… simply by feeling the subject’s face with his hands. Fascinating! Especially since the drawing actually resembled the person sitting in front of him. Pretty incredible…

Anyway, this painting got me thinking about all of that. Observing artist’s interactions with their subjects… and how they bring them to life.

I created an ombré effect on the dress using mint green and white glitter… I also used swarovski crystals on her earring.

Happy weekend friends!

  1. Fascinating! I find my success in drawing a figure pose often depends on where I start it, and it’s not necessarily the same with each pose. You are so creative! Ombre glitter!

  2. I love this post. It really describes the reason we create. I have, myself, always been fascinated with where a person starts in a piece of art. I feel as though it goes with music and dance as well… my husband starts with lyrics where as I start with a tune, some friends start with a vision in their head of dancers and others get it from their body working with the music. I would love to know where you start in your work especially with the nods and memories of the process you keep in your final product. it’s brilliant.

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