Each year my style changes slightly… and the older I get, the more I fall towards that classic feminine look.

You know, this sort of look. That soft wavy hair…It’s the most romantic look in the book!

The colder the weather gets, the more I crave those soft waves in my hair. It’s been pinned up most of the summer to keep cool… and now I’m ready to let it down! Like I said last time, I never quite figured out how to do the natural wavy look that I was born with… but Paul Mitchell has been helping me learn. Ultimate Wave is my latest favorite. It creates the BEST waves… almost in a beachy way (which I love!). I introduced you to these products before, and now they are finally out in stores!

What’s your #curlconfession?

Post in partnership with Paul Mitchell.

  1. my curl confession!! LOL…
    when I was a child my mother rolled my damp hair on socks and tied them in a knot! I slept on them and woke up to huge soft curls. I have like, 4 heads of hair and it is wavy in all the wrong places :/ haha!

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