The ever-changing seasons are one of my favorite parts about living in New England. Every season feels so new up here! But fall has to be my favorite. It means fireplace scents, layering, orchards, hot coffee… and who could forget Hocus Pocus?! It’s the most magical season. (I probably feel this way about the beginning of every season!)

I’ve slowly started bringing out my fall jackets and coats, and realized I’m a much more adventurous dresser in the fall. I love layering patterns and neutral colors with a statement jacket. And Scarves! Scarves are my thing. I love how you can wear a blah outfit, and throw on a huge patterned scarf to spice it up. What’s your favorite look for fall?

Oh, and I can’t wait to wear this coat I found (for $35!) over the weekend!

Illustration of my own closet (except that dress on the left, that’s a dream). iPhone case available here. Print available here.

  1. this is one of my absolute favorite prints of yours! i’ve been debating on which iphone case to get..and it’s definitely a toss up between this one and “getting ready”

  2. So beautiful Katie. I think we can all wish we wake up one day and find a gorgeous gown like that one hanging nonchalantly in our closet.
    Fall is my favorite season, especially when it comes to clothes.

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