1. Love this GIF, it’s so cute! I want to learn how to make one! (I’m sure I will in Blogshop, I was the 2nd winner in Bri’s giveaway ) The video is so great, it’s really cool to see you in person (in a way) , and hear the voice behind all the comments, posts, and art. I think this video was an awesome idea! Really great way to get in contact on a more personal level with your fans. You really do seem like a cool person to hang out with! I think people can relate to you more so now, if that makes sense. I hope you get what I’m trying to say and I don’t just sound like some creeper lol. I think that when you are such a fan of someone, like you, like a celebrity, its hard to picture them doing everyday things in their everyday life, like any regular person. Go to the gas station, a walk in the park, picking up groceries, etc. But this video helped bridge that space, helped bridge that connection. And I think that is such an awesome thing! Thank you for this video 🙂 when i first saw it not long ago, this is the feeling I got from it, I’ve just been trying to piece it into words. Hope to see more videos from you!

  2. i think that’s really neat kmart appreciates talent. i wouldn’t exactly go to kmart store for my fashion needs but..still like that they approached you for a vid! 🙂

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