You know those girls, the ones that just have a huge natural bouncy head of curls? I envy them!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been blowing my hair straight… it’s just habit. I have naturally wavy hair, but never took the time to figure out how to style it that way (am I the only one that feels like curls seem like a lot of work?). Anyway, the older I get, the more I appreciate waves and curls… and the more I want them. These are just perfect. I’ve teamed up with Paul Mitchell to launch their new Curls line, and I’m making it a point to give my waves a chance. I’ve recently started using the product, and it’s turning out to be way easier than I thought!

Fall’s finally here, and there’s nothing more romantic than a head of whimsical curls…

Post in partnership with Paul Mitchell.

  1. Hi so true I find my hair getting outta control. I also use the flate iron or ponty tail. Look forward to Paul’s product in the fall

  2. I love curly and wavy hair so to see products that cater to that specific style is great. I have the same type of wavy hair as yours and I haven’t left it au naturel for years.

  3. I’m a big fan of curls too. Curls add interest & Character! and what girl doesn’t want that? Go!! Paul Mitchell for making peoples lives that much easier. As always nice Illustrations & good stuff 🙂

  4. Katie I absolutely love this post. You’ve captured the profile perfectly. I’ve just discovered your site in the last year but you are such an inspiration to people (like me!) who want to make their art into something successful. Kudos!

  5. I have been following this blog, for about a year and a half, after my friend said your work was ‘amazing’, and you have definatly lived up to that standard. I go to Secondary School and we sometimes use your work for inspiration. This is definatly one of my favourites and I don’t know why it just look fabulous. So for my GCSE art club thing we have to do I have used this for inspiration, by creating many different versions, of it in different colours, thank you so much for creating some wonderful artwork, I am hoping to invest in one of your iPhone cases soon, keep these coming and can you also draw lots of shoes because your drawings helped me take creative risks in my projects, thanks.

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