A few months ago, a friend of mine saw this tshirt with my illustration of Bri on it.

Funny thing is, I had nothing to do with it. An italian based brand, Silvian Heach, took my work (without my permission) and are now selling it as part of their kids ss12 line. It’s pretty upsetting that such a well established brand would do something like this… right? Flattering, yes! Cool? Not even a little bit.

Some of you may remember me tweeting about this a while back. I talked to a few people, got legal advice, and tried contacting the company themselves before posting here… just to give them the benefit of the doubt (who knows what happened!)… but they never responded.

UPDATE: The company contacted me stating that they’d like to work together to fix this, and then disappeared again for weeks. I contacted them repeatedly (in a most kind way), which in result got me rude responses asking “what more I wanted from them”. The shirt remained for sale for MONTHS before they took it down (which was the end of the season, so it seems they would’ve done this anyway). 

People underestimate how small the internet makes the world these days… and things like this don’t go unnoticed. I would really appreciate it if you guys would tell the brand how you feel about this here and here.

Thanks friends!

  1. That’s so inappropriate! And I used to get upset when my classmates were copying my ideas for mini-fashion-collections… Hope everything works out for you!

  2. That is absolutely out of order of them. I study illustration at university and I get so worried of companies and people like these 🙁
    I think it’s outrageous. I really do hope everything gets sorted out for you.

  3. I just love your work and it breaks my heart both that they are trying to profit from your image and that they ruined the image itself! I hope you can get this taken care of. <3

  4. Horrible. I hope you can retain a lawyer and achieve your justice. I am incredibly sad to hear this. Your work is great, but stealing it is not cool.

  5. I can see why they would want your art on clothes because your artwork is just downright AMAZING. But c’mon that’s no way to do it… I’m shocked, you deserve way better!!! You’re so talented I cannot believe someone could do that to such an awesome girl! So sorry ;( hope it gets taken care of!!

  6. I definitely posted on their facebook page. I can’t believe they even wrecked the beautiful illustration by putting awful dots posing as ‘glasses’. That’s disgusting they would do this.

  7. I definately told them a thing or two! I will stand by you, Paper Fashion, and your copyrights, Katie! What a sleezy thing to do, seriously, that’s BS ! Just because they put something you created on their dproducts doesn’t make them classy! You can’t buy class! Well, I will definately spread the word around, and make sure everybody I can possibly reach knows about this company’s skank ways.

  8. Hey Anon, while it’s true that putting a watermark on one’s art can prevent casual theft, an apparel company would have the means to easily photoshop out the watermark if they were intent on taking the image.

    And it’s unfortunate that someone would have to put a watermark on their art to basically remind people to not steal it.

    1. Kathleen is right. Also, this particular piece they took DID have a watermark on it (I used to put them on everything)… and it was photoshopped off (easy). After a while, I decided I’d rather share my work without plastering it with watermarks… making it more enjoyable. My site has copyright info stating guildlines.. so it’s protected anyway. Sadly, watermarks don’t prevent theft.

  9. What a shame! I recently did a google images search on some images, just to see if I had many images on internet, and i found out several poster shops selling my images in posters and T-shirts. Truth is that I don’t know exactly what is the legal procedure, but it’s frustrating indeed.

  10. It is really sad. To me it happened as well. One of. Biggest Brazilian brands stole 4 of my fashion illustrations( i know they did the same with another illustrator) and i been talking to their lawyer for a while. Easy callcation i did- by selling just one t shirt ( 4 designs) in all 20 shops in all Brazil they made 15 000 euro. I told them i would inform media and social network. In response they said they would sue me for ruining their reputation!! Thats just absurd! I believe, us illustrators should do smthng about it get united and inform media and social network. As blank t shirt wouldnt sell as good as with stolen illustrations. Registering ur artwork in each country costs thousands! Its just wrong!! Im totally ready to start action!

  11. I admire you soooo much, i follow you becausr you inspire me, i have been sketching like ever before trying your tips and such… Its a shame they found it so easy to just grab your work and print it like it didnt matter… Its awfull because if they ad ire your work as i do they should have showed some respect and even conact you way before they even thought of it, anyways I honestly hope they do something about it.

  12. It looks like the shirt may have been removed from their website.

    Regardless, that is ENTIRELY unacceptable for them to use your work without your permission. I can’t imagine what would give someone the idea and justification to steal someone’s work.

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