I’m back! You didn’t think I’d leave you hanging forever, did you?

This photo from I Love Gorgeous Summer 2013 was too adorable not to paint. It sums up a childhood summer pretty well, don’t you think? Although, I think I’m just about ready for fall. Bring on the sweaters!

Things have been pretty busy over here. I’ve been working on lots of commissions, and headed to NYC later this week for a cool video shoot! More on that later.

I bought myself a new watercolor palette the other day (this one is nice too). Usually, I like to use these things until their death… I mean, my first one I had since I was a little girl… and only replaced it after this tragedy. This is now my third. I decided I needed a back up set, and a fresh start. But remember, a dirty watercolor palette, is a great watercolor palette. You can reuse those colors you mix forever!

Happy August! Can you believe it?!

  1. How cute is that! I love how I can see your old work in the messy palette 🙂 Such great colors.

    Did you decide to do the Natalie V. with lamb iphone case Katie? Just wondering 😉

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