1. wow. these are stunning! and it was so fun to see the process in action, thank you!

    i love love love both, but if i had to pick a favorite…could i say the skirt of the blue but the top of the red? i like how in the red version, her face/hair/etc. are pale and draw attention to the outfit.

    both are stunning!

  2. I love these; absolutely gorgeous. I really like the skirt in the blue illustration, especially with the glitter you paired with it. The red is stunning too, but I like the blue one more 🙂

    I wish I could take some classes from you, I remember you saying a while back that you held some. I would love to learn how you always seem to draw the human figure so perfectly. Your illustrations are so elegant, I just love them! How did you hone your technique when it comes to drawing the body? Did you take any classes to help you? Or simply your natural talent + practice?

  3. These are just beautiful! Both of them. In fact, all your illustrations are. I always look at your work with awe. Will either of the above be available for purchase? Also, can any of your prints have the glitter applied, or just the ones you specify?
    Thank you so much x

  4. I love the red one. I was just wondering if a print of this will be available? Or of your picture of Rue posted recently?

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