I was looking through the FW12 Couture shows last night, and absolutely loved Raf Simon’s take on Dior. It was simple, elegant, and a tiny bit whimsical.

My sketch was inspired by this look (that skirt/pant is incredible).  I’ll share the final version later on- here’s a preview. I thought it might freshen things up to show my actual sketches for once…

  1. Thank you for sharing you sketches. I seem to struggle when it comes to drawing the human figure. Seeing sketches, especially your lovely ones, helps me get a better understanding of proper lines and movement. How did you develop your technique? Have you taken a class in the past on drawing anatomy? Or good old fashioned practice (and your natural talent, of course)?

    I love your use of drapery as well. The way you illustrate fabric, its different textures, and how it hangs on the body is just gorgeous. I really like the details you’ve added. Beautiful and inspiring, as always!

  2. Amazing, especially love the red one!

    You continue to inspire me! You replied once on instagram to my first drawing, and I’ve continued since then, and got a bit better.. But I still feel like it’s going slowly, I guess I’m a bit impatient!

    I can’t seem to get the hang of proportions, I draw and erase a hundred times just to draw an arm, so although it looks alright in the end, it’s a struggle! But I hope I’ll get there some day 🙂

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