1. i love how your turn out… they look very pretty.

    i was super excited to see you doing this, because i made a couple and found it weird you didn’t have it on your shop but i’m glad you did now

    check out my iphone cases and blog.

  2. So I have been telling my husband I need an iphone FOREVER. And now I totally need one. So I can have one of your covers!!! BAM! They’re awesome! As soon as my contract runs out!!!

  3. Beautiful! Would love to get one from my favorite print of yours. The Natalia Vodianova one; I love that one. It’s on my dresser and I can never get enough of it 🙂

  4. I absolutely am in love with each and every one of them! I would be every single one if I could.
    You should make macbook keyboard skins, cause I am in the market for one!

  5. Hello, I absolutely love your phone cases. However, I can’t find one for my new phone, my old phone had your Spring Gala case. I went to uncommon cases and society6 and could not find them on the websites. Are you still selling them, if so where?! I nee one!!

  6. Hello! I LOVE these cases. They are just amazing for a fashion enthusiast like myself. I really want to purchase one for my iPhone but I can’t find any more of your cases. I’ve checked on the website you linked and I can’t find anything. I’d really like a case!! ~ Purple Shadow

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