Growing up in the south, summers were HOT. I think that’s why I love New England summers so much now. I spent most of my high school summers in Michigan or Exeter, NH… and now that I’m living in Boston, I’m getting lots of New England summers. In the South, it’s summer for long periods of time (too long, in my opinion)! Here, summers are short and the attitude is totally different. People seem to flock outside to make the most of those fleeting summer days…

I did this painting at Exeter my last summer in high school. It’s still one of my favorite paintings- and one of the few oil paintings I’ve ever done (oil is not my thing… I’m just not patient enough to wait for each layer to dry). Color has always inspired me… and I love trying to find different hues in usual things. I went a little color crazy on the concrete path in this painting… which is why I still love it! Have you guys tried painting with oils? I wish I had the patience for it.

  1. Hello Katie!
    Oil was one of the first paints I ever tried!! Though I enjoyed it very much, I have to say that it’s not my thing too!! I had already fallen in love with watercolor! 😀

    Lovely painting you made though!

    P.s.: I’m not a summer person (today is the hottest day of the year… and summer just started here in Portugal!!!!). I’m more of a Winter person… love to paint that season!!! Maybe because of all the water :D.

    Kind regards! 🙂

  2. I’m from Texas and definitely know the feeling of a hot summer- so very stifling! I must admit that I hardly ever get outside during the season. Also, what a lovely picture, so rich and dreamy! Have a wonderful Monday.

    Cheers, Elizabeth @ The Corner Apartment

  3. Oh, I grew up right next to Exeter in North Hampton! It’s so funny to hear about others visiting where you grew up…I always felt like there was nothing to do! This is such a beautiful painting though, it makes me want to go back and visit home 🙂

  4. Hi! Im from Chile, and here summers are so hot. Im a Autumn person. I love painting with oil, was the first pain i’ve tried, but i’m not pacient enough for waiting every layer to get dry. So im following all your advices of watercolors. Im just 15, so i know i can improve on painting c:

  5. This painting is gorgeous, I’m not usually into this sort of thing but the colours on the pavement are beautiful! I wish I could paint, it must be so satisfying when you produce something like this! xoxo

  6. You are so talented, your illustrations are so hauntingly beautiful. I feel inspired to revisit my sketchbook. Although for me, it’ll be paper architecture instead of fashion.

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