Summer’s coming… and I’m super excited! I’m already scouring the swimsuits.

I’ll be teaching a class on how to make these animated .gif illustrations in Boston soon (and then NYC if you like it!). Is that something you guys are interested in? It’s so simple. Once you have the know how, you’ll be makin ’em no problem! It’s addicting!

A new Paper Friend tomorrow!

  1. Hello Katie.
    YES!!!! I am absolutely anxious to learn how you do this animated gifs. I do many myself, but sometimes I’m credit for doing them on a much difficult way. Maybe your’s more simple? Could you share a tutorial with the visitors of your website?
    Kind regards. 🙂

  2. Hi Katie,
    I would love to know how to make these! Yours are always so cute and lovely! I also would love to go to Boston to take some of your classes, but alas, I live in Michigan.

    I do enjoy your tutorials you post here though, they are very helpful! I especially found your posts on which supplies you use and color mixing very useful. I bought the same Robert Simmons sapphire 1/4 angle shader, and the next time I go supply shopping I
    am definately pickimg up some tubes of Holbein Gouache.

    I’m really don’t know anything about making animated .gif illustrations or how complicated/lengthy it is, but perhaps you could make a quick run down of the process to post here on Paper Fashion in the future?

    Thank you for sharing your work with all of us!
    <3Katie Siepierski

  3. Hi Katie. I would love to learn how to do this. Could this be something you do as a tutorial on your site? I live in Toronto, Canada so I won’t be able to go to your classes.


  4. I would totally come to a tutorial if you came to NYC! I’m just getting into fashion illustration and this would be something fun to play with

    check out my blog:

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