Looking forward to a week of spring weather… after we get through today’s rain. Rainy Mondays are the worst, right?

Had an awesome weekend in NYC, but glad to be back and putting myself to work! Lately, I’m super motivated and inspired with new ideas- so I’m taking that motivation and runnin with it. Maybe it’s the site update that has me goin?

I’m planning on introducing Paper Friends to you guys (as promised!), and I’ll also have a new tutorial this week. So, keep sending in your questions, and I’ll try my best to touch on them all eventually.

Illustration above inspired by this lady. She’s sportin one fancy floral arrangement!

  1. OMG! You’re really amazing artist1 Loe all your draws and the colors are perfect! I know your blog because the pic on the atlatic pacific blog! Is a really great work! Congrats!!


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