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Illustration created with gouache, glass glitter, sequins, and satin sealer.

CoachBag_2 CoachBag_3

Continuing my latest obsession with painting on bags. It’s wonderful having friends who are willing to hand over their bags for me to experiment on!

See previous bags here.

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As New York Fashion Week approaches, I’m anxious to see the creations that will come gliding down the runways. I still remember attending my first show in Milan like it was yesterday…

Although, I’m actually more intrigued by the happenings backstage and the prep work days before a show. There’s something beautiful about such chaos.

Illustration of Dior inspecting a gown in 1957. Print available here // iPhone case available here.

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Playing with black gouache backgrounds… really pops the neon! Illustration of this stylish lady shot by the Sartorialist.

Original available for purchase here.

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glitter | glue pen

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Bachelor Belles

every time i see my relatives, they tell me more and more about my ancestors (or maybe i’ve just recently started listening).

i’m always amazed at how creative they were. like my great grandfather, the illustrator, who started his own advertising business back in the day. the book above belonged to his wife, my great grandmother… who happened to be a concert pianist! i recently illustrated her on the piano, but i’ll get to that next week.

i saw this book over the holidays, which is over 100 years old! i was absolutely dying over it. it was given to my great grandmother by an artist who thought she looked just like the girls in the paintings. there’s even a cute handwritten poem for her inside the book. the illustrations are gorgeous, and have some unreal watercolor detail. it’s called Bachelor Belles, illustrated by harrison fisher- a very well known illustrator who worked for magazines like cosmopolitan… way way back.

more magazines should bring back illustrated cover art, don’t you think?

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Rekha and Rei

A special moment illustrated for my coworkers new daughter.

I’m back on the road to Boston again… stayed in North Carolina last night to get some work done. Now I’m headed towards DC… so until then, enjoy the last days of 2011!

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just some pretty shoes.

i’ve been busy mailing out all those calendars you guys have been purchasing… so excited for you to get them!

p.s. i cannot seem to remember what brand these shoes are! anyone know?

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Illustration of Natalie Off Duty for Blue Bird! Original photo shot my Carmen Chan.

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This lady is one incredible inspiration. I love that she is so confident in what she believes in… she has a fresh set of ideals in an industry that is often tainted by things unrelated to talent.

What a true beauty Adele is..!!!

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Today I got home not feeling so excited about working (I’m still sick!), but found an unexpected package at my door. It was like Christmas all over again, as I had completely forgotten about this project! Especially since it hadn’t been mentioned for over a year.

Anyway, this is my first official illustration work published in a book! I have previously been published in a few magazines, like  ElleGirl Korea, but this seems so much more OFFICIAL for some reason!?

The book itself is amazing- full of so many different illustration styles from illustrators all over the world. It is written by Michele Wesen Bryant, a professor at the Parsons School of Fashion and FIT in NYC, and published by Laurence King Publishing (based in London). Not available for sale until sometime in early April, but I definitely recommend purchasing this book if you are into fashion illustration… or just fashion in general <3! Needless to say, I’m now inspired to get back to work tonight!!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


Today is a sick day for me… so I’m stuck at home! Sometime’s sick days are a great way to make you lay back and take it easy… which I RARELY seem to do anymore!

This weekend I went to my Grandmother’s 90th birthday party! She doesn’t seem 90 AT ALL.

We gave her the framed original painting I did of her father, Ernst Troeger (sorry didn’t get a a snapshot!)

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I haven’t illustrated Susie Bubble in a while… or even looked at her blog- so yesterday I spent a good hour on there catching up (<3 Monki TV + Susie),  and found this image. I LOVE the outfit she put together. I may have made her face look a bit odd… but I still like the way the dress came out :).

Can’t wait for the weekend……..!!!!!! Driving back to NYC again! :) Seems like the never ending snow storms  are finally over.. for now… maybe I spoke too soon….. maybe I still want one more storm… don’t hate me for putting that out there….


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Your Valentine

It’s getting close to that day, all you love birds out there. Luckily, I’m giving away a pack of PaperFashion Valentine’s Day cards!

For a chance to win CLICK HERE- a fellow Boston blogger is hosting the giveaway. You must enter to win by tomorrow, February 8th at 5pm EST. Good luck!

Unfortunately, these won’t be for sale in my etsy shop, as I was a bit late this year… whoops! I am however, selling prints of one of the designs HERE.

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Jil Sander

Love this Jil Sander PreFall 2011 look!! The illustration may not represent this… but the actual style is very clean and modern.

Sorry AGAIN for being so slow about posting… I can never seem to get caught up with everything- no matter what I do!!!

I’m sure most of you know, but on top of Paperfashion, I also have a fulltime job, so it can get a bit hectic and exhausting at times. I’m not complaining though, I love what I do- and I love Paperfashion too! <3

We’ve been getting a ton of snow here in Boston, and I love it. I’m sure a million of you hate hearing me say this (since most people seem to hate snow…) but I can’t seem to sleep at night when I know there is going to be snow in the morning!! It’s so exciting! Haha… is that weird?!

P.S. Do I talk about snow alot? What will I talk about when summer comes around…

Anyway, I’m exhausted!! Don’t worry I’ll be posting more… I did a whole bunch of new illustrations tonight :).

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The Sartorialist Illustrated

This illustration is of a photo, shot by Scott Schuman from The Sartorialist.

I absolutely love this girls styling and pose. It was perfect to illustrate!!! If you haven’t seen the short documentary on Scott Schuman, the man behind the camera, you should check it out HERE. It’s definitely inspiring…

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