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Illustration created with gouache, glass glitter, sequins, and satin sealer.

CoachBag_2 CoachBag_3

Continuing my latest obsession with painting on bags. It’s wonderful having friends who are willing to hand over their bags for me to experiment on!

See previous bags here.

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As New York Fashion Week approaches, I’m anxious to see the creations that will come gliding down the runways. I still remember attending my first show in Milan like it was yesterday…

Although, I’m actually more intrigued by the happenings backstage and the prep work days before a show. There’s something beautiful about such chaos.

Illustration of Dior inspecting a gown in 1957. Print available here // iPhone case available here.

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Playing with black gouache backgrounds… really pops the neon! Illustration of this stylish lady shot by the Sartorialist.

Original available for purchase here.

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glitter | glue pen

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Bachelor Belles

every time i see my relatives, they tell me more and more about my ancestors (or maybe i’ve just recently started listening).

i’m always amazed at how creative they were. like my great grandfather, the illustrator, who started his own advertising business back in the day. the book above belonged to his wife, my great grandmother… who happened to be a concert pianist! i recently illustrated her on the piano, but i’ll get to that next week.

i saw this book over the holidays, which is over 100 years old! i was absolutely dying over it. it was given to my great grandmother by an artist who thought she looked just like the girls in the paintings. there’s even a cute handwritten poem for her inside the book. the illustrations are gorgeous, and have some unreal watercolor detail. it’s called Bachelor Belles, illustrated by harrison fisher- a very well known illustrator who worked for magazines like cosmopolitan… way way back.

more magazines should bring back illustrated cover art, don’t you think?

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