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DesignLoveFest Illustrated | Video

I’ve been talking about a video demo of my illustrations FOREVER… and finally got it up :). This one is of an illustration I did a while back of my friend Bri from DesignLoveFest. I started the video after I had the base layer down… so it’s not a complete demo, but you get the point!

Some people have been asking me what I use to make my illustrations, so thought I’d add it to the post.

Arches Aquarelle Watercolor Blocks: LOVE this paper… and wouldn’t use anything else (the packaging is super cool too!). I know traditional watercolor paper has a rough texture to it, but I hate it. I stick with Hot Pressed finish (grain satinĂ©). It’s super smooth and gives the illustration a clean look (which is great for scanning…).

Winsor & Newton Watercolor Travel Set: My favorite watercolors, in a small container :). I don’t travel much with my watercolors, but I love how tiny and compact it is. Keeps things much simpler.

Robert Simmons Sapphire 1/4 Angle Shader: My absolute favorite brush/size to work with. I know alot of watercolor artists change their brushes for different techniques/ size details, but I don’t really fuss around with that! I prefer to just use one brush for the entire thing. That’s why the angle shader is great, since it has a wide set of hairs, as well as a thin point to work with. Of course, this size brush is best for smaller paintings.

Marvy Uchida Le Pen: These pens are awesome. Super simple, with a fine tip. I use these when I’m finished painting to add lines and detail to the illustration.

**Thanks to Elsie for helping put the video together!!
***Music: Brazil by Deadmau5
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I LOVED this photo she had… and so here it is illustrated!

Bri and I went to highschool together in Georgia… who knew we’d be doing what we do now back then!

Anyway, definitely check out her blog DESIGNLOVEFEST… because it’s absolutely amazing and she updates like a billion times a day :).

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