Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

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Looking forward to attending my first Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic tomorrow!

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Maya Angelou


Thank you for telling your stories, Maya.

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A while back, I printed some super basic business cards on watercolor paper (I think it’s the only type of paper I have, to be honest!). Anyway, I stumbled upon them in a drawer and decided to spruce them up a bit! I love the idea of creating tiny pieces of artwork on my cards…

  BusinessCards1BusinessCards3 BusinessCards4 BusinessCards5

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Amulette de Cartier

There’s something enchanting behind a piece of jewelry. I’ve always thought of my jewels as a keepsake for milestones and dreams… moments that contain limitless reminders and memories of life’s cherished moments.

The Amulette de Cartier is a piece full of pure magic. Opening like a padlock, it signifies a lucky charm of sorts; something I will cherish forever as it holds so many wishes and dreams of my own…

Follow along as I unlock my wish within the Amulette de Cartier through illustration next month.


Amulette de Cartier in gold, mother of pearl, and diamond.

Post in collaboration with Cartier.

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Happy Memorial Day


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