They say, “Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer”, and I full heartedly believe that. Travel does something to you that no book or movie could truly let you feel. The scents of different cities, it’s one of the most wonderful things. Like the warm scents of fresh pastries and cafe au laits that fill the glowing streets of Paris on a Sunday morning. The scents of sea life accompanied by the sounds of rushed buyers in the Tokyo Tsukiji fish market, or the eerie silence just outside of Santa Fe, with an occasional howling from coyotes in the dark of the night…

Traveling inspires me. It’s inevitable. You place yourself in a new part of the world, and your mind opens up without the slightest effort. You see things you’ve only read about, dreamt about, heard about! It all becomes real before your eyes, and it’s difficult to describe what a sensation that is… it’s pure inspiration, pure magic.

I like to carry art supplies with me to capture my travels, and to quickly document new ideas and inspirations. I remember sitting in an apartment I rented with a friend in Paris, and looking out the window to see someone cleaning in the apartment across the way. They hung a colorful diamond patterned rug out of the window, and I just thought it was so strikingly beautiful against the pale stucco building. So I captured it in my sketchbook.


When I travel, I try my best to travel light. I like to be able to throw my painting supplies and sketchbook in my bag and not think twice about it. My absolute favorite travel accessory is my Escoda brush. It transforms from a small protective casing, to a full size brush. Take a look through my guide for the traveling artist here.

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Paris Sketchbook

The Eiffel Flower…


It’s true, Paris is MAGIC.

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Dancing Dreams

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

The plane is dark. Only the faint sounds of two French passengers chatting, in what sounds like a very deep conversation (but what do I know, I don’t speak French!). It’s 9:34PM in NYC, it’s 3:35AM in Paris. I should sleep. The problem is, every time I pull my sleeping mask over my eyes, my mind suddenly begins to choreograph a shadow dancer within the darkness. A soft white dancer… with a warm glow just around her. As soon as I see her, my mind suddenly awakes, trying to capture her every movement. It’s wonderful.
In just under four hours, I will arrive in Paris. Paris has always been a dream to me, a mystical place filled with all of the light in the world… They say it has enough magic to inspire just about anyone who’s lucky enough to step onto it’s picturesque streets!
I’m not sure why I’ve never been to Paris in all of my travels, but I believe that certain moments happen when they do for good reason. Perhaps I’ll appreciate it much more than I would’ve when I was younger.
Only time will tell…
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“They prefer watching from afar… and wearing Delpozo!”

Delpozo_Post_2 Delpozo_Post_3

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When Nina Ricci approached me to explore the magical world of Nina L’Eau, I couldn’t resist!

The story behind this subtly sweet fragrance embodies so much of what is already lurking in my dreams… Nina Ricci brings the most wonderfully whimsical world to life; full of beauty, mystery, and pure charm.

As much as music can influence my work, wearing a special scent can send my mind to these whimsical places, if only for a moment.


You may even see what appears to be a real shadow dancer in the film… pure magic!

Post in collaboration with Nina Ricci
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My world is constantly filled with color! Color has always played an enormous role in my artwork and it’s something that inspires me on a daily basis.


When I’m beginning a painting, I try not to over-think color. I trust my mind to lead my paintbrush as I go. Of course, that confidence came after many years of studying color theory !

I love playing with shades of red and pink (like my favorite Gemvara D’Orsay ring) and discovering the different emotions they can convey. A pale pink being soft and elegant, a bold blue-fuchsia being strong yet soft all at once, and of course a fiery red that can be spotted from across the room. Just the smallest color differences can sing entirely different songs.


When I hosted Gemvara in my workspace they brought the most wonderful gift… an array of colorful gems! Gems to paint and play with, to be exact. After creating this fashion drawing, I dove straight into the gems and began adhering them to my piece… bringing a new medium and life to the drawing. A sparkling gown of gems.

Speaking of, we’re giving away this original painting scattered with gems plus a $1000 gift card to Gemvara!For a chance to win, create a “My Color Story” pinboard (see mine here), and submit it on their site.


 Gemvara is also offering my readers an exclusive 10% discount from now through Monday, October 13th!  Just click here or on any other link in this post to activate your discount! 
 In Collaboration with Gemvara.
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“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” – Plato

It’s no secret that I’m largely inspired by music. Having grown up in a house full of musical instruments and the sounds of my brother composing, it’s naturally part of my life. I spend hours upon hours rummaging through Spotify in search of soundtracks to inspire. Honestly, having the perfect painting soundtrack is as important to me as having the actual supplies to paint! I love getting lost in the music; music that subtly tells my paintbrush a story.

Over the past year, I’ve been curating a playlist that inspires my beloved shadow dancers. Each and every one of these songs sings shadow dancers from my imagination, through my paintbrush and onto my paper. It’s one of those unspoken phenomenons, something you can’t quite put into words. The notes that radiate from my speakers speak some sort of magic…

Can you hear them dancing?

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Flattered to be featured in Gap’s campaign. See my previous features here & here.


Photos by Emma Jane Kepley.

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Sketching thoughts of catching stars… more to come.

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Sketch inspired by Simone Rocha. See her come to life here.

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The Scent of Sì

Scents are full of such beauty. They can transport you to special moments in your life, remind you of someone dear, and they can illuminate your presence when you walk into a room. The power of fragrance fascinates me!


Whenever I’m sketching around the idea of a scent, I spritz some around my workspace and try to encapsulate that scent within my artwork. Capturing elegance, strength, and femininity with each brushstroke. Just as Armani  portrays through its scent…

In collaboration with Giorgio Armani Beauty. #SaySì

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Painting through fall in a warm red flannel, one of my staples.

Check out my latest feature in Gap’s!


Post in collaboration with Gap Photo by Emma Jane Kepley.


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    I recently spent the day with bespoke fine jeweler, Gemvara. I invited them into my home, and along to experience my favorite Manhattan haunts. From the Upper East Side and Central Park, to one of my favorite places to pick out embellishments for my artwork.

 Of course they brought along some of their sparkling gems, and I went to town with them! I created a custom fashion illustration overflowing with precious gems; in a similar fashion to their process.


Gemvara creates each and every piece to order so the jewelry is unique, special, and all your own. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent building my custom dream jewels on their site… I’m especially obsessed with their D’Orsay Collection! Here’s a statement ring I customized for myself. The green amethyst is stunning in person.



We spent quite a lot of time talking about color, and how I’m inspired by it endlessly. Color has always been a huge influence in my work, ever since a teacher struck a chord with his explanation of color; He told me to look beyond the surface color. To look and see if I could pick out any other colors within that main hue. Seeing blue in red, seeing greens in someone’s skin tone, seeing orange within grey.

That idea has always stuck with me, which perhaps is one of the reasons I find gems to be so beautiful. I love the way a gem, like the green amethyst, can have hints of other colors within it… or look completely different in various lighting, or against different clothing colors. It’s fascinating! The green amethyst has a calmness to its light appearance that is soothing to the eye. The idea of birthstones is also fascinating to me. I believe that our birthdate has a significant impact on our personalities, so it’s fun to think of a stone capturing that within a color.

Beyond color, I love that gems are from the earth. If you follow me here, you probably know how much I love being connected to nature. It’s wonderful to look down at my hand and see a sparkling piece of the earth.


Having a story behind my jewelry has always been important to me, so creating my own custom Gemvara pieces makes my jewels that much more special. They are pieces I will cherish for my entire life! #LiveInColor

Take a look at my Gemvara collection!

Post in collaboration with Gemvara.

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Fall is here, at last! Like I told you in my previous post, with each new fall I feel like I have an entirely new and fresh start. My birthday falls in the month of September, and ever since I was a kid it has continued to feel like a refreshing month in my life. A time to reflect on the past year, a time to make new goals, changing seasons, and (of course) reviving my fall wardrobe.

Painting the town in my Drop Shoulder Coat!


In collaboration with Gap,

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If there’s anyone who’s excited about the upcoming fall season, it’s me. This summer has been wonderful (I’m currently ending the summer by traveling on an #AdventureInSeptember), but fall is, above all, my absolute favorite. Between the pumpkin infused everything, the cool air, and finally being able to layer, I consider it a fresh new beginning as it comes around each year.

I’ve teamed up with Ted Baker to pull together my favorite AW14 looks from their new collection (which is sparkly and fun!). Follow my #PinPoinTED board here, and create your own look on a pinterest board for a chance to win an $800 shopping spree!

Enter to win, here.

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