BaubleBar & Paper Fashion

When BaubleBar approached me to curate a new collection as part of their Guest Bartender series, I (of course) said YES! What girl doesn’t dream of sifting through piles of costume jewelry to find the most perfectly glamorous baubles?

Inspired by my love for simplistic statements like pearls, and such decadences as over-the-top sparkle, I’ve hand selected a collection of pieces sure to please the eye!



Check out the entire collaboration and see more illustrations here. I’d love to know what your favorite pieces are…

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See more sketchbook dreams here.

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Mary Janes


Print available here.

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Dark Rose


Lately, I’ve been experimenting with adding solid gouache backgrounds to my watercolor paintings. I love the combination of botanicals on a dark contrasting backdrop, much inspired by Graham Lott’s gorgeous photographs .

Some process…

RoseOutline2 Rose_3_Small


See more floral illustrations here.

Print available in my shop.

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Watercolor Beginnings

After my first class, I found that many of you were interested in going back to the very basics of what watercolor is all about. Understanding one of the most enchanting mediums I’ve come know…


It brings me back to the day I was gifted my first set of watercolors. I remember sitting on a bench at the dining table in my parent’s house while my Aunt was down for a visit from Virginia. We sat there with my brothers for hours, painting away. She showed us how to make a color chart, which I intently worked on until I finished. I was fascinated! Something clicked (and thus began my many watercolors of horses). Watching my Aunt paint was another story- I loved watching the colors slowly form into an image. An image you may not have been able to guess right away, but then the “AHA” moment comes and you see it clear as day.

I invite you to join me in experiencing watercolor from the very beginning in my latest online Skillshare class. Sign up here!

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