Remember way back when, I told you I was teaching an online class? Well I’m certainly overdue to tell you all about it!

I was blown away by the talent that emerged from day one. I set out to create an online class with a vague idea of who might be interested in taking it… but little did I know artists of all ages and skill levels would participate in such a collaboration of creativity.

Below are a small sampling of my favorite illustrations that came from students in the class… talented bunch, eh?


Illustrations above (clockwise from top): Tim Pham, Lisanne Gagnon, and Janice Chuang. 

What I loved most about the class is that while I led students through my process via video tutorials, there was an enormous amount of peer to peer feedback. It was inspiring to see such sincere feedback left on each project… in the end I was just a small piece of the puzzle. The online ‘classroom’ became an instant community, a never ending discussion on the art of fashion illustration and inspiration.

Check out the class instagrams!


Illustrations above (clockwise from top): Merissa Revestir, Tiffany Mitchell, Marjorie Limbonhai, and Rebekah Melchert.

We began with inspiration, went through the process of sketching, applying watercolor, and finishing your piece with embellishments (as you know I love!).

Don’t worry if you think you’ve missed out on this class… because you haven’t! Since it’s an online class, we created video tutorials that can live on forever. Projects are still popping up every day! Sign up to take the class here.


Illustrations above (left to right):  Andrea Perkov and Erisha  R. 

I fell so in love with these pieces below by Megan Hughes. How incredible is her cut paper work? I love that she was creative and experimented with a different medium in such an elegant way…


Illustration above and below by Megan Hughes.


For all those who took my class, thank you for inspiring me! I can honestly say that I spent hours and hours pouring through your projects and I feel like I’m about to get a run for my money!

Sign up to take the class here.

Many thanks to Laurence King Publishing & Artifact Uprising for sponsoring my class.

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Harvard Square Porch

It was a matter of chance that led me to live in Harvard Square, and it is now by far one of my favorite places in the world. It’s a picturesque place, no matter the season. I love a good snow here, but nothing beats the day all the flowers seem to blossom within an instant.

This front porch is such a dream… it’s completely surrounded by fluffy fuchsia florals, and gets the perfect amount of golden morning sun. I’d love to be able to wake up and sip my coffee here every morning…

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Anemone_3Anemone_1 Anomone_2

You guys didn’t get the memo? This is now a floral blog… Kidding of course, but for now I’m thriving on them!

Right now I’m really into these Anemones.

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First sketch inspired by this documentary (which I’ll talk about more later this week), second sketch of this jar.

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A quick sketch brought to life.

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