Don’t forget, it’s election day!

iPhone case available here ($5 off promotion till Sunday!).

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Stop by to see me (and a few other fabulous artists) illustrate live! I’ll be illustrating one of these pieces from their new Soiree Collection. Can’t wait to meet you all!

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Last night I attended a beautiful performance by the Boston Ballet. If you haven’t been to the Boston Opera House, you must go.

Ballet has always fascinated me (even beyond my failed attempt as a little girl). It’s one of the most beautiful artistic uses of the human body… but I think what draws me in even more are the costumes. As a little girl, I was pretty disappointed that my first ballet class didn’t directly involve wearing a glittery tutu and pointe shoes. That crushed my dreams right there… I was set on being a prima ballerina right away! Maybe that’s why it didn’t quite work out between us.

I figure the only way we can work out is if I sketch them; and one day I’m going to convince them to let me sketch backstage.

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It’s time for another Paul Mitchell curl confession!

I’m slowly getting the hang of wavy hair… which is getting easier and easier the more I grow my hair out. I did the pixie/ super short bob look for a while… and now I’m ready to try longer hair again (jeeze it takes forever to grow!). I used to love styling my hair, but with short hair you really can’t do too much to it.

Have you guys tried the Paul Mitchell curls products yet? Upload a picture of your own Curl Confession on the Truth About Curls Facebook app using the hashtag #curlconfession! You can also enter for a chance to win the products!

I recently did these illustrations for a friend who owns a local salon in downtown Boston, Jeffrey Lyle.

Post sponsored by Paul Mitchell.

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Luckily, Boston didn’t get get too hard by Hurricane Sandy… but the rest of the east coast wasn’t quite as fortunate. Hope everyone is safe and well!

Donate here.

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Throughout the past year, I had the privilege of working on The Journals of Mama Mae & Lee Lee  app with Alicia Keys and her incredibly inspiring and talented team! I’m so thrilled to finally share it with you! (be sure to watch the video below!)

Here’s a little behind the scenes of how it was created…

The team began by creating the imaginative stories of Mama Mae & Lee Lee…The story of a young girl and her relationship with her grandmother, which Alicia builds on in the video. After the stories were finished, they asked me to bring them to life! I illustrated each character, and characters within scenes to get an idea of how this world could look and feel visually. Once those were finalized, the team at BentoBox transformed the illustrations and stories into whimsical animations for the app… That right there is creative teamwork, my friends!

Beyond the visualizations, this app is so special. The stories are incredibly meaningful, and Alicia’s music is integrated in such a beautiful way… see the theme song video here.

You can see a few of my concept sketches here, then brought to life in the video below…

Original character sketch for Mama Mae.

Original character sketch for Lee Lee.

Original character sketch for Abey… from pencil to color.

Final character visuals.

Scene concept for Blue Moon.

Scene concept for Blue Moon in color.

I started working on this project back when I was still working my day job at Reebok, and about to move to Barcelona. Looking back, I have no clue how I managed to stay sane juggling all of those things at once… but I’m so glad I did. In some ways, this is the project that opened my eyes to what I could be doing as a career. It gave me the extra push I needed to quit my job, and go out on my own… and I’m eternally grateful to them for that!

I hope you guys love it as much as I do…and you just might spot a few of my original illustrations within the app itself! Download here.

Many thanks to DJ, Jessica, and Alicia for such an incredible experience!

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A quick gif I made as an experiment for a project… they look a bit Mary Poppins-esk, don’t they?

I love them as a graphic print as well…


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There’s nothing more glamorous than a romantically dressed woman stepping out of classy ride…

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the motor city of Detroit with Buick. They asked me to create a pinboard of how I envisioned the interior of their new Encore to look- so of course I obliged. I immediately imagined a luxurious mix of black, white, red, metallic and shimmer…an almost over the top interior, but still quite elegant and classic. Something you’d take to a fancy event in the fall. Head over to my board to see what mood I came up with… and if you like it, hit the like button and let them know! If my board moves forward, Buick may just bring my vision to life at the NYC Auto Show in 2013! Wouldn’t that be a dream…!

Post sponsored by Buick.

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Imagination sparks at the most random moments, doesn’t it? I was grabbing a coffee at Darwin’s yesterday, and on my walk home I saw a woman standing in the doorway of a garden… and I instantly imagined her standing there in a ballgown…which led to a whole story of course!

A little girl searching for a world where people dress only in their finest… a most stylish world if you will… she stumbles upon a Secret Garden esk doorway framed with colorful florals… and when she peeks inside, she finds a magically stylish world. For a moment she slips away from the mundane world of tshirts and jeans… and into her dream world of dress up.

That’s my brief summary of the story…

I kind of like the unfinished version too…

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It seems I’ve got a thing for red lately!

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Wouldn’t this make a romantic party invite?

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When you open a box of new heels…

and wouldn’t it be grand to open a pair of these!?

Happy Friday!

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I’ve had the absolute worst cabin fever lately…! Working from home has it’s highs and lows… and right now is definitely a low. It’s one of those months that feels completely unproductive and uninspired. Even the days I think I’m semi productive, the illustrations just don’t turn out right for what I need at the moment. My mind is going in a million different directions!

Thank goodness it’s fall. Gives me the perfect excuse to get away from the computer and go on a walk (there are only so many non freezing days left this year)! Sometimes getting out and away from my work is the only way to get things focused and rolling again.

Everyone has these days weeks right?

Illustration a work in progress…

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I love subtle looks with slight quirks… like star print pants!

If you want to try this look out yourself… 1/2/3/4 are pretty cool options!

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