Golden Beauty


Change is important in art.

Lately, I’ve been playing with gouache paint as opposed to my usual watercolor. I’m in love with the thicker texture and the simplicity of the honest hues. It’s tempting me to break out the acrylics and oils again (which I haven’t touched in many years!).

Here I’ve combined gouache with sequins and pale gold dust. The contrast between the mediums leaves me wanting to experiment more…


I thrive on experimentation in art. I’ve spoken about this many times, but I can’t say it enough… art is all about the act of doing. Sometimes you’ll find that you can answer your own questions by trying things… instead of worrying you’re going to do something wrong.


I had an art teacher many years ago, and she stopped me one day to tell me she appreciated my willingness to always try new things. That thought stuck with me… because I had never thought about it the time… now I realize how important it is, and how it goes so much further beyond art as well.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”–Tony Robbins



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As you know, I’m quite the sequin fanatic lately! I find it exciting to explore new mediums. It keeps my work interesting and gives me tiny challenges here and there.

These three *sequined* ladies were created in collaboration with Nine West to don pieces from their latest collections, Pretty Pumped, Urban Boho, and Street Chic.

Let’s begin with Pretty Pumped.

Martina Pump & Pleated Frame Clutch


Urban Boho

Sabady Boot &  Haute Gypsy Hobo


Street Chic

Castillima Heel & Aiden Leather Convertible HoboNineWest_Moto_Post

I had the most fun creating this one… she’s got a bit of an attitude, and those sequin shorts take it to the next level!

Illustrations created with watercolor, gouache, pencil, and sequins.
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Ballet2_SM Ballett_SM

Throughout my time in Boston, I spent many nights watching the Boston Ballet dance around the stage of the Boston Opera House. Now that I’m in New York, I can’t wait to go see how the New York City Ballet puts on a show…

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Lady of Mystery


Earrings from my BaubleBar Collaboration made an appearance in this piece (win the entire collection here).


See her coming to life here.

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Lacoste Behind The Scenes

A glimpse into the making of the LACOSTE 80th Anniversary L.12.12 Bags.

More on my collaboration with LACOSTE here.

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