There’s something about being home in the South that inspires me. It’s rejuvenating to be surrounded by nature, listening to the great outdoors and stargazing at the midnight sky. As they say, time slows down in the South… and it brings me back to my days as a little girl.

Last Sunday morning, I felt like I was gliding through a scene from Forrest Gump or Gone with the Wind.

I’ve always found it a little funny how growing up I used to see fireflies, rollie pollies, grasshoppers, and butterflies so frequently… playing with them used to entertain me for hours! As I’ve grown, those small friends have become rare sights (especially since I live in the Boston). Being in Georgia reminded me to keep my eyes open, and see the world as a little girl again. Those things are still there, we just have to look for them. Fireflies were one of my favorite things about growing up in the country, and it was magical to see them twinkling all around me just the other day…

Purchase a print here. Painting done with watercolor and gouache.

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Over the past few weeks I’ve been traveling quite a bit, which has given me endless airport hours to spend in my sketchbook. Here’s a quick glimpse inside… SB_3SB_2 copySB_4

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Sketchbook_2_1 Sketchbook_2_2 Sketchbook_2_3 Sketchbook_2_4 Sketchbook_2_5

See more pages from my sketchbook here.

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The idea of “portal portraits” has been stuck in my head for weeks now. It all started at a friends party. He gifted me one of his cleverly hand illustrated posters rolled into a tube, and I jokingly began taking ‘poster portraits‘ of my friends… pointing my camera through the poster roll capturing different facial expressions of each friend. I’ve been thinking about this more and more over the past few days… and it led me to Fashion Portals. Imagine being taken on a magical journey through the world of fashion viewing moments only through portals…

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